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Steve Ashley: Time and Tide

Steve Ashley: Time and Tide (Topic TSCD569)

Time and Tide
Steve Ashley

Topic Records TSCD569 (CD, UK, 16 July 2007)

Engineered by Dik Cadbury, Martin Mitchell and Tommy Scott;
Mixed by Dik Cadbury, and Martin Mitchell;
Mastered by Martin Mitchell


Steve Ashley: vocals, acoustic guitars, mouth organ, drum, bells and whistles;
Dik Cadbury: 5-string bass, 5-string fretless bass, keyboard, percussion, backing vocal;
Chris Leslie: fiddle, mandolin;
Paul Manning: piano accordion;
Simon Nicol: electric guitar;
Dave Pegg: acoustic guitar bass guitar, mandolin;
Tommy Scott: piano, drums, keyboard;
Steve Trigg: trumpets;
Robin Williamson: harp;
John Wilshaw: hurdy-gurdy

Staccato Strings:
Geoff Short (ldr), Lesley Jackson, Susannah Mahler, Ness Whiffen, violins;
Sarah Bushnell: viola;
Lesley Willcocks, cello;
Orchestral arrangements by Robert Kirby


  1. The North West Wind (5.37)
  2. Still Waiting (3.55)
  3. The Birds of the Country (1.41)
  4. Lands End (4.08)
  5. The Drowning Cell (4.41)
  6. Friend of the Rivers (2.16)
  7. Ships of Shame (3.36)
  8. Down the Line (6.01)
  9. A Time-Honoured Way (2.35)
  10. The Vintners (0.39)
  11. Pub Carpets (1.39)
  12. The Refugees (4.08)
  13. This Old English Town (3.38)
  14. A Better Day (3.28)
  15. Best Wishes (2.41)

All songs written by Steve Ashley