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My Love Came to Dublin

[ Roud 22005 ; Mudcat 11494 ; Patrick Galvin]

June Tabor learned Patrick Galvin’s song My Love Came to Dublin from Tomàs Lynch and sang it in 2007 on her Topic CD Apples.


June Tabor sings My Love Came to Dublin

My love came to Dublin one fine Sunday morning.
My love came to Dublin to honour me there.
He wore a green ribbon all about his blue bonnet,
And I wore a bangle of gold in my hair.

Well the leaves they were green on that fine Sunday morning,
But now they are falling, they’re winding the bough.
And I never asked him to buy me a ring.
Fall down very lightly, you leaves, on me now.

Now the good girls they sleep in all their fine modesty.
The bad girls sleep in the height of their shame.
But I must lie alone in the cold by the river
Till I see my true love come back with my name.

I won’t ask the clergy for prayers in the chapel.
And I won’t hear the minister saying his prayers.
I’ll go out to the mood of the birch trees and branches,
And I’ll ask them to raise up their arms in the air.

I will make my love some shoes of the finest Spanish leather.
I will make my love a coat, the finest ever seen,
And he’ll walk like a lord through the City of Dublin,
And I’ll walk beside him in a mantle of green.