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Joseph Taylor Discography

Joseph Taylor and others, Unto Brigg Fair: Joseph Taylor and Other Traditional Lincolnshire Singers Recorded in 1908 by Percy Grainger, Leader LEA4050, 1972
Produced by Bob Thomson, Bill Leader and Dave Bland.
John Roberts and Tony Barrand, Heartoutbursts: English Folksongs collected by Percy Grainger (Golden Hind Music CD GHM103, 1998)
Includes modern performances of 18 songs collected in Lincolnshire by Percy Grainger, including 8 from Joseph Taylor.
Percy Grainger, Pleasant & Delightful: Percy Grainger Plays Folk Songs (Larrikin LRH 456, 1999)
Includes Delius's Brigg Fair: An English Rhapsody, rearranged by Percy Grainger for four hands, and recorded by him as a piano-roll (with Ralph Leopold) in the USA, 1933.
Various Artists, Hidden English: A Celebration of English Traditional Music (Topic TSCD600, 1996)
includes Joseph Taylor: Brigg Fair and Lord Bateman
Various Artists, The Voice of the People: A Selection from the Series of Anthologies (Topic TSCD751, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor
Various Artists, Come Let Us Buy the Licence: Songs of Courtship & Marriage (The Voice of the People Vol. 1) (Topic TSCD651, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: The Gipsy's Wedding Day
Various Artists, O'er His Grave the Grass Grew Green: Tragic Ballads (The Voice of the People Vol. 3) (Topic TSCD653, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: Worcester City
Various Artists, Tonight I'll Make You My Bride: Ballads of True and False Lovers (The Voice of the People Vol. 6) (Topic TSCD656, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor
Various Artists, A Story I'm Just About to Tell: Local Events and National Issues (The Voice of the People Vol. 8) (Topic TSCD658, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: Creeping Jane
Various Artists, To Catch a Fine Buck Was My Delight: Songs of Hunting & Poaching (The Voice of the People Vol. 18) (Topic TSCD668, 1999)
Includes Joseph Taylor: The White Hare