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Hidden English

Hidden English (Topic TSCD600)

Hidden English
A Celebration of English Traditional Music
Various Artists

Topic Records TSCD600 (CD, UK, 1996)

Compiled by John Howson, Ian Anderson and Tony Engle
Produced in association with Folk Roots magazine and Veteran Tapes.


  1. Joseph Taylor: Brigg Fair (Roud 1083) (0.31)
    recorded by Percy Grainger, London, July 1908;
    from Unto Brigg Fair (LEA 4050, 1972)
  2. Bob & Ron Copper: The Sweet Primeroses (Roud 586; G/D 8:1841) (2.15)
    recorded by Peter Kennedy, Rottingdean, Sussex, 1955
  3. Walter Bulwer, Billy Cooper, Daisy Bulwer, Reg Hall, Mervyn Plunkett, Russell Wortley: Red Wing Polka (2.24)
    recorded by Bill Leader, Shipdam, Norfolk, August 1962;
    from English Country Music (12TS296, 1976)
  4. Walter Pardon: Broomfield Hill (Roud 34; Child 43; G/D 2:322; Henry H135) (4.21)
    recorded by Mike Yates, Knapton, Norfolk, 1982;
    from A Country Life (12TS392, 1982)
  5. William Kimber Anglo-German concertina: Getting Upstairs / Blue-Eyed Stranger (2.59)
    recorded by HMV, London, 1946;
    from The Art of William Kimber (12T249, 1974)
  6. Louie Fuller: Hopping Down in Kent (Roud 1715) (2.03)
    recorded by Mike Yates, Sussex, 1972-75;
    from Green Grow the Laurels: Country Singers From the South (12TS285, 1976)
  7. George ‘Pop’ Maynard: Polly on the Shore (Roud 811) (4.56)
    recorded by Peter Kennedy, Copthorne, Sussex, 1956;
    from Ye Subjects of England: Traditional Songs From Sussex (12T286, 1976)
  8. Billy Bennington dulcimer: The Pony Trot Polka (2.29)
    recorded by Mike Yates and John Howson, Barford, 1985-87;
    from The Barford Angel (EAL-1, 1987)
  9. Cyril Poacher: The Nutting Girl (Roud 509; G/D 7:1475) (2.03)
    recorded by Tony Engle, Blaxhall, Suffolk, 1974;
    from The Broomfield Wager (12TS252, 1975)
  10. Billy Pigg Northumbrian small pipes: The Morpeth Rant (1.11)
    recorded by Bill Leader, 1969;
    from Wild Hills o’ Wannie: Small Pipes of Northumbria (12TS227, 1974)
  11. Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany (Roud 904; G/D 1:96) (3.18)
    recorded by Frank Purslow, Melton, Suffolk, 1969;
    from Once I Had a True Love (12T193, 1970)
  12. Jasper Smith: Died for Love (Roud 18828) (1.50)
    recorded by Mike Yates, Epsom, Surrey, 1975;
    from The Travelling Songster (12TS304, 1977)
  13. Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Sherlock: Jenny Lind Polka (1.46)
    recorded by Reg Hall and Peter Grant, Horsted Keynes, Suffolk, 1960;
    from I Never Played to Many Posh Dances (2-12TS455/6, 1990)
  14. Bob Hart: Australia (Roud 1488) (2.01)
    recorded by Tony Engle, Snape, Suffolk, 1972;
    from Songs From Suffolk (12TS225, 1973)
  15. Johnny Doughty: The Golden Vanity (Roud 122; Child 286; G/D 1:37) (3.10)
    recorded by Mike Yates, Rye, Sussex, 1976;
    from Round Rye Bay for More: Traditional Songs From the Sussex Coast (12TS324, 1977)
  16. Oscar Woods: Oh Joe, the Boat Is Going Over (1.56)
    recorded by Tony Engle, Leiston, Suffolk, 1973;
    from English Country Music From East Anglia (12TS229, 1973)
  17. Harry Cox: The Maid of Australia (Roud 1872) (3.33)
    recorded by Leslie Shephard, Catfield, Norfolk, 1965;
  18. Fred Jordan: The Outlandish Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163) (5.18)
    recorded by Tony Foxworthy, Aston Munslow, Shropshire, 1974;
    from When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin (12TS233, 1974)
  19. Tintagel and Boscastle Players: Boscastle Breakdown (5.18)
    recorded by Richard Dimbleby, Boscastle, Cornwall, 1943;
    from Boscastle Breakdown (12T240, 1974)
  20. Tom Willett: While the Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping (Roud 363) (3.37)
    recorded by Bill Leader and Paul Carter, near Ashford, Middlesex, 1962;
    from The Roving Journeymen (12T84, 1962)
  21. Eely Whent fiddle: Two Step (1.49)
    recorded by Keith Summers, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 1978;
    from Sing, Say and Play (12TS375, 1978)
  22. Bob Roberts: The Candlelight Fisherman (Roud 1852) (1.33)
    recorded by Tony Engle, Ryde, Isle of Wright, August 1977;
    from Songs From the Sailing Barges (12TS361, 1978)
  23. Sam Larner: The Bold Princess Royal (Roud 528; Laws K29; G/D 1:47) (3.41)
    recorded by Philip Donnellan, Winterton, Norfolk, 1958-59;
    from A Garland for Sam (12T244, 1974)
  24. Bob Cann melodeon: Hot Punch / Uncle’s Jig (3.59)
    recorded by Tony Engle, South Tawton, Devon, 1975;
    from West Country Melodeon (12TS275, 1975)
  25. Joseph Taylor: Lord Bateman (Roud 40; Child 53L; G/D 5:1023; Henry H470) (2.06)
    recorded by Percy Grainger, London, July 1908;
    from Unto Brigg Fair (LEA 4050, 1972)