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The Larks They Sang Melodious

The Larks They Sang Melodious (Transatlantic XTRA 1070)

The Larks They Sang Melodious
Sing-Song in a Suffolk Pub
Various Artists

Transatlantic Records XTRA 1141 (LP, UK, 1974)

Recorded at The Ship Inn, Blaxhall, on 16 November 1973;
Engineered by Adam Skeaping;
Produced by Karl Dallas;
Front sleeve painting by Gloria Dallas

Tradfolk: Celebrating 50 years of The Larks They Sang Melodious


Rosemary Bisset, Tony Hall, Vic Harrup, Bob Hart, Bob Horne, Geoff Ling, Percy Ling, Cyril Poacher, Bob Scarce, Linda Walker, Percy Webb, vocals;
Fred List, Steve Pallant, melodeon;
Clive Woolnough, chairman


Side 1

  1. Tony Hall: Donkey Riding (Roud 4540) (1.52)
  2. Cyril Poacher: The Nutting Girl (Roud 509; G/D 7:1475) (3.28)
  3. Bob Hart: White Wings (Roud 1753) (2.54)
  4. Rosemary Bisset: The Bold Dragoon (Roud 321; Laws M27) (2.36)
  5. Bob Scarce: The Larks They Sang Melodious (Roud 660; Laws O30; TYG 51) (4.25)
  6. Bob Horne: All for Me Grog (Roud 475; G/D 3:580) (3.28)
  7. Geoff Ling: Green Bushes (Roud 1040; Laws P2; Henry H143) (3.27)
  8. Percy Webb: The Master’s Servant (Roud 792) (2.55)
  9. Fred List melodeon: Pigeon on the Gate / Soldier’s Joy hornpipes (2.10)

Side 2

  1. Steve Pallant melodeon: The Foggy Dew (Roud 558; Laws O3; G/D 7:1496) (2.08)
  2. Cyril Poacher: Slap-Dab (Whitewash) (Roud 1754) (2.52)
  3. Vic Harrup: The Rigs of the Time (Roud 876) (3.42)
  4. Percy Ling: I’ll Come Back My Little Sweetheart (Roud 1755) (4.18)
  5. Bob Scarce: A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother (Roud 1756) (3.50)
  6. Linda Walker: Sweet Primroses (Roud 586; G/D 8:1841) (2.45)
  7. Tony Hall: Bungay Roger (Roud 1735) (2.55)
  8. Geoff Ling: Maggie May (Roud 1757) (3.25)
  9. Geoff Ling: Among My Souvenirs (Roud 1758) (2.25)

All tracks trad. except
Track 3 Banks Winter;
Track 11 F. Lee, F. Murray (1896);
Track 18 Horatio Nicholls

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