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Albums with Signy Jakobsdottir

Besides being with The Shee since 2019, Signy Jakobsdottir played on these records:

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller: Shadows Tall (Greentrax CDTRAX352) Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller, Shadows Tall, CD, Greentrax CDTRAX352, 2010

Karine Polwart: Here’s Where Tomorrow Starts (Proper PFILMS002) Karine Polwart, Here’s Where Tomorrow Starts, DVD, Proper Films PFILMS002, 2011

Emily Smith: Traiveller’s Joy (White Fall WFRCD004) Emily Smith, Traiveller’s Joy, CD, White Fall WFRCD004, 2011

Fribo: Happ (Fribo 00035) Fribo, Happ, CD, Fribo 00035, 2012

Rachel Hair Trio: No More Wings (March Hair MHRCD003) Rachel Hair Trio, No More Wings, CD, March Hair MHRCD003, 2012

 James Robertson: The Boy and the Bunnet James Robertson, The Boy and the Bunnet, book with CD, Big Sky Press, ISBN 978-0-9569578-2-5, 2012

Emily Smith: Ten Years (White Fall WFRCD006) Emily Smith, Ten Years, CD, White Fall WFRCD006, 2013

Songs From Inspire! (Scots Music Group) Various Artists, Songs From Inspire!, DL EP, Scots Music Group, 2013

Patsy Reid: The Brightest Path (Classy Trad CTREC002) Patsy Reid, The Brightest Path, CD, Classy Trad CTREC002, 2014

Emily Smith: Echoes (White Fall WFRCD007) Emily Smith, Echoes, CD, White Fall WFRCD007, 2014

Emily Smith: A Winter’s Night (White Fall WFRCD009) Emily Smith, A Winter’s Night, CD, White Fall WFRCD009, 2014

Barluath: At Dawn of Day (Barluath BARL001) Barluath, At Dawn of Day, CD, Barluath BARL001, 2015

Karen Matheson: Urram (Vertical VERTCD102) Karen Matheson, Urram, CD, Vertical VERTCD102, 2015

Louise Bichan: Out of My Own Light (Swanbister SWAN001CD) Louise Bichan, Out of My Own Light, CD, Swanbister SWAN001CD, 2016

Blue Rose Code: Julie (Reveal REVEAL015CDA) Blue Rose Code, …And Lo! The Bird Is on the Wing, CD, Rochanan RSRCD0003, 2016

Robyn Stapleton: Songs of Robert Burns (Laverock LAVE002CD) Robyn Stapleton, Songs of Robert Burns, CD, Laverock LAVE002CD, 2017

Dàimh: The Rough Bounds (Goat Island GIMCD005) Dàimh, The Rough Bounds, CD, Goat Island Music GIMCD005, 2018

Michael McGoldrick: ARC (Vertical VERTCD111) Michael McGoldrick, ARC, CD, Vertical VERTCD111, 2018

Kim Richards: Leaves That Fly (Kim Richards KR01CD) Kim Richards, Leaves That Fly, CD, Kim Richards KR01CD, 2018

Sian: Sian (Sian SIAN001) Sian, Sian, CD, Sian SIAN001, 2020

James Lindsay: Torus (Oir OIRCD002) James Lindsay, Torus, CD, Oir OIRCD002, 2021

Graham Rorie: The Orcadians of Hudson Bay (Rumley Sounds RUMS02CD) Graham Rorie, The Orcadians of Hudson Bay, CD, Rumley Sounds RUMS02CD, 2021

Claire Hastings: Lullabies From Scotland (Luckenbooth LUCKEN003CD) Claire Hastings, Lullabies From Scotland, CD, Luckenbooth LUCKEN003CD, 30 June 2023

The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake (Chrysalis BRS75) Various Artists, The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake, 2 LP / 2 CD, Chrysalis BRS75, 1 July 2023

Olivia Ross: Grace the Blue (Olivia Ross OJR01CD) Olivia Ross, Grace the Blue, CD, Olivia Ross OJR01CD, 1 September 2023

Katie Macfarlane: An Nighean Sheunta (Viewbank VBRCD001) Katie Macfarlane, An Nighean Sheunta – The Enchanted Girl, CD, Viewbank VBRCD001, 20 October 2023

Fiona Hunter: Atween the Salt Sea and the Sand (Unroofed) Fiona Hunter, Atween the Salt Sea and the Sand, CD, Unroofed, 28 January 2024