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The Whispering Road

Seriouskitchen: The Whispering Road (WildGoose WGS413CD)

The Whispering Road

WildGoose Studios WGS413CD (CD, UK, December 18, 2015)

Recorded and mastered by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios


Nick Hennessy, spoken word, vocals;
Vicki Swan, nyckelharpa, vocals;
Jonny Dyer, accordion, guitar, backing vocals, cow horn

The Story

The Whispering Road is essentialy made from two stories. The first, written by Helena Nyblom in around 1897, is called The Ring, and was evidently based on Swedish folkore. The second is a version of the story The Giant With No Heart in His Body widely found across northern Europe, but most famously collected in Norway by Asbjørnsen and Moe.

The Music

  1. Långdans från Sollerön [trad.]
  2. Seek Me, Find Me [Nick Hennessy]
  3. Härjedals Schottish [trad.]
  4. Polska efter Byss-Calle No. 25 [Byss-Calle]
  5. Trollmors Vagvisa [Margit Holmberg]
  6. Karolinermarschen [Eric Sahlström]
  7. Dew Drift Frost Fall [words Nick Hennessy, melody Jonny Dyer]
  8. Love Is Lost [Nick Hennessy]
  9. Polska efter Byss-Calle No. 32 [Byss-Calle]


  1. Opening (3.36)
  2. Intro (3.33)
  3. The Ring (5.42)
  4. First Castle (7.21)
  5. Second Castle (9.00)
  6. All Hope Was Lost (9.47)
  7. The Troll (7.13)
  8. The Search (10.31)
  9. To the North (9.14)
  10. The Bird (2.18)
  11. Finale (5.11)