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Many Voices on a Theme of Isolation

Many Voices on a Theme of Isolation

Many Voices on a Theme of Isolation
Musicians for Musicians (CD, UK, 3 July 2020)

Many Voices on a Theme of Isolation features artists from a wide variety of genres. Each track is exclusive to the album and has been written specially for the album, or chosen by the artist from their back catalogue and re-imagined, to reflect each artists’ experience of lockdown. Many of the tracks were recorded in living rooms and garages!

By purchasing this CD you are supporting the artists who have contributed their creativity to this album and many more musicians through the work of Help Musicians (Registered charity No. 228089). Thank you.

Mastering kindly donated by Steve Kitch Mastering;
Artwork kindly donated by John Cook Lynch


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  1. Field Music: A House Is Not a Home (in lockdown) (2.34)
  2. The Urban Folk Quartet: Three Circus Tunes (live in lockdown) (5.28)
  3. Chloe Foy: Asylum (with strings) (4.45)
  4. Jenn Butterworth: My Darling Fair One (3.33)
  5. Fenella Humphreys: Caged Bird (composed by Alison Berry) (3.50)
  6. DOMMIX: I Can’t Stop (stripped back UKG Cover) (3.00)
  7. Alpha Male Tea Party: Reach for the Synth Kid, But Don’t Blame Me If It Makes You Miserable (4.44)
  8. SUN SILVA: On My Mind (acoustic) (4.07)
  9. The Skints: Learning to Swim (acoustic version) (2.55)
  10. iyatraQuartet: Temple (lockdown version) (4.08)
  11. Madeleine Mitchell: Worlds Apart (by Richard Blackford) (3.13)
  12. Mike Chillingworth Quartet: Grapeful (and Socially Distanced) Lady (2.51)
  13. Axes: Wet Wet Wet Wet (acoustic version) (3.41)
  14. Matthew Robins: Quarantina (a Covid-19 fairytale) (5.40)
  15. Lemon & Paice: Home (2.46)
  16. Zoe Konez: We Got Lost (strings version) (3.28)
  17. Rachel Podger: Allemande from Bach Solo Cello Suite No.6 in D Major BWV1012 (6.29)
  18. Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer: Friends (4.27)