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No. 1 Scottish

No. 1 Scottish (Greentrax CDTRAX310)

No. 1 Scottish
Traditional Music From the RSAMD
Various Artists

RSAMD (limited edition CD, UK, 2002)
Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX310 (2 CD, UK, February 2007)

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Produced by Brian McNeill at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, with the assistance of Kirsty Cotter and Angus MacPhail;
Recoeded by Gaham Kennedy at the RSAMD, Glasgow, in November 2001-May 2002;
Mixed by Brian McNeill, Gaham Kennedy, Kirsty Cotter and Angus MacPhail at the RSAMD, May 2002;
Mastered at Hilton Grove, London, May 2002;
Artwork by Brian MacNeill;
Sleeve notes by Brian MacNeill and staff and students of the RSAMD Scottish Music Department


RSAMD students:
Liam Brown: pipes [6];
Neil Cameron: double bass [10];
Stuart Cassells: pipes [1];
Kirsty Cotter: fiddle [4];
Dominique Dodge: wire & nylon-strung harp [11];
Gillian Frame: vocals [14], fiddle [4, 14];
James Graham: vocals [7, 12];
Kathleen Graham: vocals [12];
Steven Graham: snare drum [1];
Claire Gullan: fiddle [4];
Fiona Hunter: vocals [3, 9], cello [9];
Lisa Morrison: vocals [3];
Calum MacCrimmon: low whistle [2], small pipes [12], vocals [3];
Lorne MacDougall: pipes [1];
Malcolm McEwan: snare drum [1];
Darren MacLean: vocals [12];
Angus MacPhail: accordion [10];
Maeve Mackinnon: lead vocals [3], vocals [12];
Andrew MacPherson: snare drum [1, 4], djembe [1, 3-4], percussion [3];
Rosie Morton: clarsach [2], wire & gut-strung harp [11];
Ian Muir: accordion [4];
Ishbel Munro: lead vocals [12];
Findlay Napier: vocals [14], guitar [1, 14];
Sarah Parker: vocals [3], fiddle [4];
Alan Paterson: pipes [1];
Jennifer Port: clarsach [2], gut-strung harp [11], vocals [12];
Jenna Reid: fiddle [4, 8, 10], piano [8], accordion [8];
Emily Smith: vocals [5];
Fraya Thomsen: clarsach [9], gut-strung harp [11];
Lori Watson: fiddle [2, 4]

Kenna Campbell: vocals [3];
Rob MacKillop: medieval lute [13];
Brian McNeill: fiddle [2], mandocello [14];
Karen Marshalsay: wire-strung harp [11];
Ian Muir: piano [10];
Calum Ross: vocals [12];
James Ross: piano [15];
Mike Travis: percussion [1];
John Wallace: trumpet [4]


  1. The Tag Team Set: Kenny Gillies of Portnalong / Last Tango in Harris / The Panda / Jack Daniels Reel / Barney’s Balmoral (4.34)
  2. Jamie Come Try Me (Roud V25882) (2.41)
  3. A Mhic Iain ’ic Sheumais (3.02)
  4. The Brides and Tartars Set: The Bride’s Reel / The Muillean Dubh / Timour the Tartar / John MacNeil’s Reel (3.00)
  5. [Emily Smith] The Dowie Dens of Yarrow (Roud 13; Child 214; G/D 2:215) (4.07)
  6. [Liam Brown] Liam’s Bonnet: Loch Fyneside / The Cowal Society / Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy / Tie the Bonnet (3.36)
  7. [James Graham] A Mhairead Og (2.56)
  8. [Jenna Reid] Da Burn o’ Cousta (2.06)
  9. [Fiona Hunter] Sailin’s a Wearie Life (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245) (4.00)
  10. A Blast from the West: A Pheigi a Ghraidh / Clachan Ghlinn Da Ruadhail / The Argyllshire Gathering / The Knockdhu Reel / Debbie Ann’s Reel (5.01)
  11. For Meg of Abernethy: Cumha Airson Ceannard Chiann ìc Uilleam / Blàr Sliabh An t-Siorradh / I Will Not Gae to My Bed Till I Suid Die (3.31)
  12. [Ishbel Munro] Fhir a Chinn Duibh (3.07)
  13. [Rob MacKillop] Incholm / Salve Splendor (3.31)
  14. [Findlay Napier and Gillian Frame] Hielan’ Laddie (Roud 2330?) (4.21)
  15. [James Ross] Whistle O’er the Lave O’t (Roud 506; G/D 7:1414) (3.32)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a P. McFarqhuar;
Track 1b R.S. MacDonald;
Track 1c G. Duncan;
Track 1d J.M. Rankine;
Track 1e attr. E. MacDonald;
Track 2 Robert Burns;
Track 4a James Scott Skinner;
Track 4d P. Milne;
Track 6a A. Kenneth;
Track 6b Pipe Major John MacLellen;
Track 6c Pipe Major Donald MacLeod;
Track 8 Jenna Reid;
Track 10a Roderick Campbell;
Track 10b Angus Fletcher, 1806;
Track 10c J. McColl;
Track 10d I. Hardie;
Track 10e R. Jamieson;
Track 13a Rob MacKillop;

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The Future of Our Past

The Future of Our Past (Greentrax CDTRAX357)

The Future of Our Past
Scottish Music at the RSAMD 2010
Various Artists

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX357 (2 CD, UK, December 2010)

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Recorded and mixed by Bob Whitney at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama;
Co-produced by Phil Cunningham and Findlay Napier;
Track 12 produced and recorded by Hazen Metro;
Cover photography by Fiona Wylie;
Design by 0427


Year I

Daniel McGuinness, Marianne Fraser, Elidh Firth, Sarah MacNeil, Laura MacMillan, Sarah Muir, Ainsley Harrill, Robyn Stapleton, Edward Seaman, Alistair Paterson, Hannah McNeill

Year II

Ryan Young, Jack Smedley, Alexandera Frank, Jessica Burton, Jonathan Cheyne, Patricia Mullan, Jonathan Graham, Chris MacDonald, Hayley McInnes, Grant McFarlane, David Foley, Steven Blake

Year III

Suzanne Houston, Paul McKenna, Claire Hastings, Emma Buchan, Craig Muirhead, David Wilton, Lynsey MacRitchie, Angelica Jenkins, Kirsty Blackhall, Imogen Poropat, Shona Keith, Kristina Rees, Charlie Heys (postgraduate), Robert Nairn, James MacKenzie, Fiona Wylie, Struan Thorpe, Lauren Weir

Year IV

Alasdair Henderson, Cameron Drummond, Katherine MacLeod, Keith Bowes, Kyle Warren, Hazen Metro, Kirsty MacKinnon, Kirsten MacLeod


  1. [Year III] Jigs and Polkas: The Grackle / Muireann’s Jig / Tom Barrett’s / Gun Ainm I / Gun Ainm II (3.31)
  2. [Year I, Ainsley Harrill] Puirt-à-Beul: Tha na tri Aonghuis / The Periwig / Ho ro na pribean (3.53)
  3. [Year III, Claire Hastings] Vincent Black Lightning (5.04)
  4. [Year III] March and Reels: Mrs Donald MacLean / Boys of Balivanich / Rob Roy’s (4.00)
  5. [Year II] Margaret’s Walk to the Pier (3.49)
  6. [Year III, Paul McKenna] Banks of Newfoundland (4.16)
  7. [Year IV, Alistair Henderson] Pipe Solo: The Maids of Jura / Alex MacDonald / Brae Riach / Pipe Major Donald MacLean (5.18)
  8. [Year II] The Almost Reel Set: Traditional Balkan tune / The Almost Reel / Miss Girdle (2.57)
  9. [Year IV, Kirsten MacLeod] Accordion Solo: Stella’s Trip to Kamloops (4.13)
  10. [Year I, Robyn Stapleton] Lover’s Heart (5.47)
  11. [Year I] Lexie and the Plagiarist: Simon Thoumire’s Jig / Lexie MacAskill / The Plagiarist (3.21)
  12. [Year IV, Hazen Metro] Not Enough Time (4.47)
  13. [Year IV, Katherine MacLeod] Moladh Uibhist (2.48)
  14. [Year II] Meg MacRae’s: Meg MacRae / Ray Anderson / Turf Lodge / Angus John MacNeil of Barra (5.59)
  15. [Year IV, Alasdair Henderson, Cameron Duncan, Findlay Napier] Ali’s Big Reel: Gun Ainm III / Gun Ainm IV / Alasdair’s Reel (3.06)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1a Malcolm Stitt;
Track 1b Niall Vallely;
Track 3 Richard Thompson;
Track 4a Pipe Major Donald MacLean;
Track 4b Ian Kirkpatrick;
Track 4c Donald Shaw, Charlie McKerron, Marc Duff;
Track 5 Louise Bichan;
Track 6 Chief Justice Francis Forbes;
Track 7a Pipe Major John McLellan DVM, Dunoon;
Track 7b Norman MacDonald;
Track 7d Peter MacLeod Sr;
Track 8b Chris Armstrong;
Track 9 Patricia Chaffe;
Track 10 words Andy M. Stewart, music Phil Cunningham;
Track 11a John McCusker;
Track 11b Dr. John MacAskill;
Track 11c Allan MacDonald;
Track 12 Hazen Metro;
Tracks 14ab Duncan Johnstone;
Track 14c Pipe Major Angus MacDonald;
Track 14d Angus John MacNeil;
Track 15c Fred Morrison