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Rachel and Lillias: Dear Someone

Rachel and Lillias: Dear Someone (Fellside FECD150)

Dear Someone
Rachel Newton and Lillias Kinsman-Blake

Fellside Recordings FECD215 (CD, UK, 2008)

Rachel and Lillias: Dear Someone (Fellside FECD150; signed at the The Shee gig at Heidbarghof, Hamburg on 2 March 2012)
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Recorded by Paul Adams and Robert Hallard;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Photography by Archie MacFarlane;
Design by Lillias Kinsman-Blake


Rachel Newton: harp, vocals;
Lillias Kinsman-Blake: flute
Paul Jennings: percussion [1-2, 5, 8, 11]


  1. Bonnie Lassie (3.09)
  2. Hoi Liffie!: The New Fiddle / Sidney Grove / Hoi Liffie! (3.27)
  3. Nighean nan Geng (3.24)
  4. The Wrong Medicine: The Wrong Medicine / Francis Xavier Kennedy MacDonald / The Knifestone (4.25)
  5. Rich Man’s Daughter (Roud 2987) (4.51)
  6. Waltzes: Waltz of the Little Girls / Archie the Flying Beast (3.39)
  7. Dear Someone: Dear Someone / Waltz for One (4.05)
  8. Harp Set: Dresden Reel / The Berserk / The Wrong Trousers (5.08)
  9. Mo Thruaigh Leir Thu Ille Bhuidhe (4.20)
  10. Young Horseman (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584; Henry H122a) (4.18)
  11. Wedding Reels: Wedding Reel / Miss Girdle / Gun Anam (4.40)

Track 1 Tony Cuffe, William Jackson;
Tracks 2ac, 7b Lillias Kinsman-Blake;
Track 2b, 8c Rachel Newton;
Tracks 3, 4a, 5, 6a, 7a, 9-11 trad.;
Track 4b David Greenberg;
Track 4c Alistair Anderson;
Track 6b Tóla Custy;
Track 7a Gillian Welsh, David Rawlings;
Track 8a Paul Kelly;
Track 8b Corrina Hewat

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