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Shona Mooney: Heartsease

Shona Mooney: Heartsease (Foot Stompin' CDFSR1734)

Heartsease (viola tricolour)
Shona Mooney

Foot Stompin' Records CDFSR1734 (CD, UK, 2006)

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Produced by Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy for Foot Stompin' Records;
Recorded, mixed and mastered April-May 2006 at Watercolour Music, Ardgour, Scotland;
Photography by Louis De Carlo;
Design and layout by The 16K Design Works


Shona Mooney: fiddle;
Ian Stephenson: guitar, melodeon, harmonium;
David de la Haye: electric bass guitar, electronics;
James Mackintosh: drum kit, percussion;
Ali Vass: piano


  1. The Haggis: On Ettrick Banks / Rantin' Roarin Willie (or the Witford Galloway) / Rattlin' Roarin' Willie / Jethart Candlemas Hand Ba' (6.53)
  2. The Tweedside Lassies (3.33)
  3. Heartsease: Emily Ball's Trip to Litton / Sophie's Jig / Heartsease (4.36)
  4. Twisted Tunes: Brambles / Heights of Abraham / Triptych Tower (4.21)
  5. Kaleidoscope (2.34)
  6. Tide Comes In: Marquis of Waterford / Tide Comes In / The Hassington Hornpipe (5.59)
  7. Pale Winter Sunshine (5.46)
  8. Brave Snowdrops: The Brave Snowdrops Minuet / Grey Mare's Tail / The Devil's Beef Tub / The Borthwick Reel (5.31)
  9. The Borders Set: The Tweeddale Club / The Randy Wives o' Greenlaw / The English Bring tae Gratney Green the Lassies Who Hae Siller / Braw Lads o' Jethart / Brendon Gardens (5.02)
  10. The Ettrick Shepherd (5.56)

Tracks 1abc, 9bcde trad.;
Tracks 1d, 3c, 4a, 5, 7, 8ac Shona Mooney;
Track 2 Alex R. Walker;
Track 3a, 4b Ian Stephenson;
Track 3b Ali Vass;
Track 4c David de la Haye;
Track 6ab James Hill;
Track 6c Rachel Cross;
Track 8b Hector MacAndrew;
Track 8d Bob Hobkirk;
Track 9a Nathaniel Gow;
Track 10 trad., samples of Bob Hobkirk, Willie Renwick and Geordie Easton

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Shona Mooney: Tidal Island

Shona Mooney: Tidal Island ()

Tidal Island
Shona Mooney

(DL, UK, 1 April 2014)

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Tidal Island is a new composition inspired by the haunting yet beautiful Eilean Tioram on the west coast of Scotland.


Shona Mooney: fiddle;
Lillias Kinsman-Blake: flute;
Amy Thatcher: piano accordion;
Fiona Rutherford: clarsach;
David de la Haye: live electronics, electric bass guitar


  1. Low Tide Sunrise
  2. High Tioramm Tide
  3. Castle Tioram at Dusk (18.23)

Written by Shona Mooney

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Northumbrian Exchanges

Northumbrian Exchanges (SFZ SZFM0114)

Northumbrian Exchanges
Shona Mooney, Andy Watt, The Northern Early Music Collective

SFZ Music SFZM0114 (CD, UK, 2014)

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Recorded at the Church on St Michael and All Angels, Alwinton, Northumberland, on 16-17 September 2013;
Produced and engineered by Adrian Hunter;
Cover photograph by Emma Rothera;
Booklet design by Adam Woolf


Shona Mooney: fiddle [1-2, 8-9, 10-11, 13-15];
Andy Watt: guitar, mandolin [1-2, 4, 8-9, 11, 13-15];
The Northern Early Music Collective:
    Jacob Heringman: lute [1, 3, 5-9, 12-15];
    Susanna Pell: viol [1, 4-9, 13-15];
    Jamie Savan: cornett, mute cornett [1, 3, 5, 8-9, 13-15]


  1. Faronells Division on a Ground (La Folia), from Playford: The Division Violin (1685) (8.06)
  2. A selection of dance tunes from Henry Atkinson's Manuscript (1694): I was young and lusty when I kent ye / Pretty Poll / Uncle John / Ye lass she lost hir maiden head for all hir fin petticotes (7.06)
  3. John Dowland (1563-1626): Lachrimae Pavan (Divisions after William Byrd, c.1540-1623) (4.24)
  4. William McGibbon (1690-1756): Minuet in A, with Variations (3.25)
  5. Diego Ortiz (c.1510-c.1570): Recercata Seconda (on O felici occi miei), from Traddato de Glosas (1553) (2.08)
  6. Diego Ortiz: Recercata Quarta (on La Gamba) (1.52)
  7. Diego Ortiz: Recercata Quinta (on the Passamezzo Antico) (1.56)
  8. Greensleeves to a Ground (Romanesca), from Playford: The Division Violin (6.59)
  9. Matthew Rowan (b. 1979): Living in Memories (10.26)
  10. Trad. arr. Shona Mooney: O'er the Border, variations from Riddell: A Collection of Scotch, Galwegian and Border Tunes (1794) / Gordon Mooney (b.1951): Air (5.38)
  11. Trad. arr. Shona Mooney: Sleepy Maggie, variations from Riddell: A Collection of Scotch, Galwegian and Border Tunes (5.44)
  12. Anon. English ballad tune setting, c.1600: Sick, Sick and Very Sick (3.21)
  13. Andrea Falconieri (1585/6-1656): Passacalle (2.47)
  14. A Division for Two Trebles by Mr Robert Smith, from Playford: The Division Violin (3.58)
  15. Johnny Cock thy Beaver, from Playford: The Division Violin (2.32)

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Shona Mooney: Sensing the Park

Shona Mooney: Sensing the Park (Moss Records MOSS001)

Sensing the Park
New Music Inspired by the Northumberland National Park
Shona Mooney

Moss Records MOSS001 (CD, UK, 24 October 2015, 12 May 2016)

Shona Mooney: Sensing the Park (Bandcamp pre-release cover)
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Recorded in the Newcastle University Music Studios on 5-7 January 2015;
Produced by Shona Mooney and David de la Haye;
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by David de la Haye;
Sleeve design by Roberto Fernández Castro

All musicians are graduates from IcMus and the BMus Folk and Traditional Music Degree at Newcastle University. It was made possible with funding from the Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice, Northumbrian Exchanges and Northumberland National Park (Heritage Lottery Funding: The Sill).


Shona Mooney: fiddle;
Paul Knox: Northumbrian pipes, fiddle;
Amy Thatcher: piano accordion;
Andy Watt: guitar, mandolin;
David de la Haye: bass, electronics


  1. Red Squirrels of Hareshaw Linn (7.43)
  2. The Last Sheep Sale (7.44)
  3. Cawfield's Dark Sky (5.04)
  4. A. Dagg (5.02)
  5. Black Adam of Cheviot (11.16)
  6. Black Rory's Grey Hens (8.16)

All tracks written by Shona Mooney, commissioned by Newcastle University (Arts & Humanities Research Council funded Northumbrian Exchanges project)

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Shona Mooney & Amy Leach: Banff to Ancona

Shona Mooney & Amy Leach: Banff to Ancona

Banff to Ancona
Shona Mooney & Amy Leach

(DL EP, UK, 3 June 2018)

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Recorded at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada, and at Fenice Studios, Italy;
Mixed and mastered at Fenice Studios, Italy.


Shona Mooney: fiddles, backing vocals;
Amy Leach: vocals, piano;
Clara People: drums, backing vocals;
Andrea Goroni: guitars, bass


  1. MacPherson's Rant / The Last Laugh (5.02)
  2. Lord Banff's Strathspey / Lord Banff's Reel (3.20)
  3. Tanzie (3.47)
  4. Oh Dear Mother, What Shall I Do? (2.33)
  5. The Bow River (5.14)
  6. Human Equality (5.49)

Track 1a James MacPherson;
Track 1b Amy Leach;
Track 2a Isaac Cooper (1755-1811);
Track 2b trad., collected by Stephen Grier in the early 1880s;
Track 3 from Andrew Crawfurd's Collection of Ballads and Songs (Auyrhire, 1820s);
Track 4 trad., found in a book of old Scottish tunes dedicated to Lady Erskine in 1742;
Track 6 Shona Mooney, Amy Leach;
Track 6 William Lloyd Garrison (1871)

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