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The Yellow Haired Laddie

Andy May: The Yellow Haired Laddie (Fellside FECD174)

The Yellow Haired Laddie
Andy May

Fellside Recordings FECD174 (CD, UK, March 2003)

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Recorded by Paul Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams and Andy May;
Cover design based on a photograph by Stan May;
Artwork by Mary Blood


Andy May, Northumbrian pipes, piano;
Simon Haworth, guitar, cittern, bass, vocals;
Kathryn Tickell, fiddle, viola;
Stan May, harmonica;
Simon James, poem


  1. King of the Pipers / Phil's Favourite (2.49)
  2. Rowley Burn / The Piper in the Well (3.09)
  3. Peacock's March / The Drunken Parson / Rookland Lasses (4.31)
  4. The Bonny Lass of Bon Accord (3.57)
  5. Piper's Song (4.17)
  6. Da Slockit Light (3.14)
  7. Go To Berwick Johnny / Dog Leap Stairs / Because He Was a Bonny Lad (3.07)
  8. Bobby Shaftoe (2.43)
  9. Blow the Wind Southerly / Sidlaw Hills (3.56)
  10. Cheviot Lament (2.54)
  11. The Golden Eagle / The Banks Hornpipe (3.16)
  12. Roslyn Castle / The Mason's Apron (5.53)
  13. Caller Herrin / Sir Sidney Smith's March (3.39)
  14. Farewell to the Dene / The Spey in Spate / Billy Pigg's Hornpipe (4.28)

Tracks 1a, 3ab, 7ac, 8-9, 11a, 12, 13b trad.;
Track 1b Ian Scott;
Track 2a Forster Charlton;
Track 2b Andrew Davidson;
Track 3c, 14c Billy Pigg;
Track 4, 14b James Scott Skinner;
Track 5 Simon Haworth;
Track 6 Tom Anderson;
Track 7b Alistair Anderson;
Track 10 Simon James;
Track 11b Parazotti;
Track 13 Nathaniel Gow;
Track 14a Willie Taylor

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Happy Hours

Andy May: Happy Hours (Fellside FECD224)

Happy Hours
Andy May

Fellside Recordings FECD224 (CD, UK, April 2009)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Julien Batten at Quayside Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, Summer 2008;
Produced by Andy May;
Photography Reed Ingram Weir;
Graphic design by Lillias Kinsman-Blake;
Front cover design by Andy May


Andy May, Northumbrian pipes, piano;
Ian Stephenson, guitar, double bass;
Sophy Ball, fiddle;
Julien Batten, accordion;
Andrew Davison, Northumbrian pipes [9];
Benny Graham, vocals [11]


  1. Swearybox / The Hawk (2.38)
  2. Regular Climber Set: unknown / The Regular Climber (3.16)
  3. All Night Long: All the Night I Lay with Jockey / Juniper Hill (4.30)
  4. Five Four: Bréhattitude (5.05)
  5. Nine Eight: Kiss'd Her Under the Coverlet / Shew's the Way to Wallington (2.30)
  6. Ellington (3.41)
  7. James Hill Set: Earl Grey / XYZ / The Quayside (3.58)
  8. Arethusa / Trip to Scarborough (5.42)
  9. Pipes Duet: Catcherside / Owen Hackett's / The Glasgow City Police Pipe Band (4.15)
  10. Happy Hours / Reepakan Polka (3.36)
  11. One Miner's Life (4.05)
  12. The Countess of Galloway / The Topiarist / I'm Going to Speke (4.27)
  13. Muiñeiras: Muiñeira de Pontesampaio / Muiñeira a Camposa (3.37)

Track 1a Tom Anderson;
Track 1b James Hill;
Tracks 2a, 3, 5, 9b trad.;
Track 2b, 6 Andy May;
Track 4 Bruno le Tron;
Tracks 7, 8a attributed to James Hill;
Track 9a Ian Scott;
Track 9c Pipe Major Donald McLeod;
Track 10a Vacher;
Track 10b trad. Finnish;
Track 11 Ed Pickford;
Track 12a Roland Lofthouse;
Track 12b Tom Oakes;
Track 12c Joe Scurfield;
Track 13 trad. Galician

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Andy May Trio: About Time

Andy May Trio: About Time (Ashwood ASH001)

About Time
Andy May Trio

Ashwood Records ASH001 (CD, UK, 17 October 2015)

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Produced by Andy May Trio;
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ian Stephenson at Ashwood Studios;
Trio photo by Simon Balfe;
Artwork by Jimmy Träskelin, JRobertDesign


Andy May, Northumbrian smallpipes, piano, harmonium;
Sophy Ball, fiddle;
Ian Stephenson, guitar, C#/D melodeon, double bass


  1. Bonaparte: Bonaparte's Expedition / Lang Stay'd Away (3.33)
  2. Cuckold Come Out of the Amery (2.38)
  3. Hambo Eric: Learn to Hambo / Eric Stephenson of Crookhill (3.55)
  4. Octopus Butcher: The Butcher of Blyth / Octopus Man (4.22)
  5. Dreams of Tea: Dreams of Yorkshire Tea / Marche 150 (4.19)
  6. Leaving Copenhagen (3.37)
  7. Quick and Merry: The Sailor's Wife / Quick and Merry (2.54)
  8. Transatlantic Reels: Ian's Reel / Transatlantic Reel (3.12)
  9. The Norwegian Gent (4.59)
  10. Peacock's Trip to the Bigg Market (4.46)
  11. Handsome Mug: The Mug of Brown Ale / Handsome Young Maidens (3.13)

Tracks 1ab, 2, 5b, 7ab, 11a trad.;
Tracks 3a, 5a Sophie Ball;
Tracks 3b, 4b, 6, 8a, 10 Andy May;
Tracks 4a, 8b, 9 Ian Stephenson;
Track 11b Charlie Lennon

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