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Blazin’ Fiddles: Live (Blazin’ Fiddles BRCD2007)

Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles BRCD2007 (CD, UK, 2007)

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Recorded live at Glenuig Hall and mastered by Calum Malcolm;
Photos by Louis DeCarlo;
Design by Gordon Webber


Allan Henderson, Catriona Macdonald, Ian MacFarlane, Bruce McGregor, Aidan O’Rourke: fiddle;
Marc Clement: guitar;
Andy Thorburn: piano


  1. Forgeron: Reel du Forgeron (Blacksmith’s Reel) / The Open Fence / The Appropriate Dipstick / The Crossing (5.49)
  2. I Laid a Herring: John Mirros Rankin’s / I Ha’e Lain a Herring in Salt / O’Dea’s (4.32)
  3. Fishponds: Lost in Fishponds / Riippusillan Hambo (4.07)
  4. Colonel Thornton’s: The Miller o’ Drone / Morag’s Wedding / Gloomy Winter / The Garron Trotting / Calam Breugach (Lying Malcolm) / Colonel Thornton’s Reel / Miss Hettie MacKenzie (4.50)
  5. Smirisary (4.32)
  6. Miss Jena: Miss Jena / Glen Road to Carrick / A Shepherd’s Dream / Man of Aran (5.57)
  7. Glenuig Bay: Glenuig Bay / San Rock (5.07)
  8. Murdo: Murachadh nan Gealaich (Murdo of the Moon) / The Eagles’s White (5.09)
  9. Highland Plaid: Highland Plaid / Cawdor Fair / Mrs Ramsay of Barton / McKinnon’s Rant / Jamie Mann’s Reel / The Marquis of Tullybardine (5.15)
  10. Mouseskin: The Mouseskin Shoe / Siobhán O’Donnall’s / Peter MacKinnon of Sheabost / Bonnie Mulligan (8.15)

Track 1a French Canadian trad.;
Track 1b Ian Hardie;
Track 1c Iain Macdonald, Phil Cunningham;
Track 1d Tim O’Brian;
Track 2a Jerry Holland;
Track 2b trad. / D. MacLeod;
Track 2c Charlie Lennon;
Track 3a The Famous Five;
Track 3b Arto Järvelä;
Tracks 4a-f, 6b, 8b, 9a-df trad.;
Track 5 Allan MacDonald;
Track 6a Hanneke Cassel;
Track 6a Hanneke Cassel;
Track 6c Jewish trad.;
Track 6d Darach de Brun;
Track 7a Michael McGoldrick;
Track 7b Asturian trad.;
Track 8a Phil Cunningham;
Track 9e Tom Anderson;
Track 10a Nollaig Casey;
Track 10b Siobhán O’Donnall;
Track 10c Dr John MacAskill;
Track 10d Peter Ostroushko

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Blazin’ Fiddles: Solo (Blazin’ Fiddles BRCD2014)

Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles BRCD2014 (CD, UK, 2014)

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Produced by Angus Lyon and Blazin’ Fiddles;
Fiddles and guitar recorded by Angus Lyon at Gran’s House Studio;
Piano recorded by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Recording;
Mixed and mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Recording;
Photography and layout by Louise Bichan


Jenna Reid: fiddle [1, 10];
Kristan Harvey: fiddle [2, 6];
Bruce McGregor: fiddle [3, 7];
Rua Macmillan: fiddle [4, 8];
Anna Massie: guitar, fiddle [5, 9];
Angus Lyon: piano


  1. [JR] Carnival / Lucky, Can You Link Ony / Arisdale Burn (3.24)
  2. [KH] Billy’s: Billy’s Short Leg / Ian MacLeod’s / Mind the Dresser (3.15)
  3. [BMcG] Donald’s Tunes: John MacFadyen of Melfort / The Honorable Mrs Rous (3.07)
  4. [RM] Glengrant / Ashley’s / Anna Thug Mi Gradh Dhuit (3.14)
  5. [AM] Mickey Finn’s (3.31)
  6. [KH] The Yow: Balchraggan / Netherbow / The Wan-Legged Yow (4.53)
  7. [BMcG] Nach Truagh Mo Chàs (Hard Is My Fate) (3.03)
  8. [RM] Henri the Lobster: Mahagow’s / Malt on the Optics / Henri the Lobster (4.13)
  9. [AM] Doon the Aisle / The Oyster Wives / Miss Grant of Cullen House / Cranford’s Delight (4.10)
  10. [JR] Da Feltar Lullaby (4.15)

Track 1a Gideon Stove;
Track 1b trad. Shetland;
Track 1c Bobby Tulloch;
Track 2a Kristan Harvey;
Track 2b Charlie McKerron;
Track 2c Liz Carroll;
Track 3a PM John McColl;
Track 3b Donald Riddell;
Track 4a Jakes Scott Skinner;
Track 4b Allan Henderson;
Tracks 4c, 7, 9b trad.;
Track 5 Mickey Finn;
Track 6a John Somerville;
Track 6b Jim Craigie;
Track Tommy Mainland;
Track 8a Suzanne Houston;
Track 8b Hamish Moore;
Track 8c Ruairidh Macmillan;
Track 9a Bob Massie;
Track 9c William Marshall;
Track 9d Jerry Holland;
Track 10 Sinclair Shewan

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Blazin’ Fiddles: North (Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2015)

Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2015 (CD, UK, 2015)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Photography by Mike Guest;
Design by Louise Bichan


Kristan Harvey, Bruce McGregor, Rua Macmillan, Jenna Reid: fiddles;
Anna Massie: guitar, fiddle [5-6];
Angus Lyon: piano


  1. Shetland Night: Shetland Night in London / Trip to Dingle (4.10)
  2. Arran Ceilidh: The Bacon Allocation / The Killarney Boys of Pleasure / The Arran Ceilidh (4.40)
  3. Gamekeeper’s: Gamekeeper’s Cottage (5.02)
  4. Braehead Cottage: Troy’s Wedding / Freya’s Fancy / Braehead Cottage (4.11)
  5. Catch and Kiss: Taighean Ghealla Shieldaig / Druim-Uiachdar (The high Road to Inverness) / Catch and Kiss the Romp (2.54)
  6. Java: Mrs. Major L. Stewart of the Island of Java (5.12)
  7. Uist Dance / Slängspolska (4.00)
  8. Garfield’s: President Garfield’s / Dr Flora McCauley, Carradale / Gingerhogs No. 2 (5.33)
  9. Pat the Budgie: The Inside-Oot Fish Eater / Peerie Willie / Pat the Budgie (4.20)
  10. Taigh Sia (3.19)
  11. Archie: The Cambridge Caravan Catastrophe / Rob an Lugi / Traditional Strathspey / Sir Archibald Dunbar’s / The Road to Recovery / Return to Viljandi (5.08)

Tracks 1a, 3 Jenna Reid;
Track 1b Allan Kelly;
Track 2a Anna Massie;
Track 4a Colin Magee;
Tracks 4b, 11a Bruce MacGregor;
Track 4c Kristan Harvey;
Tracks 5abc, 7a, 11bcd trad.;
Track 6 William Marshall;
Track 7b trad. Swedish;
Track 8a Harry Carleton;
Track 8b Allan MacDonald;
Track 8c Phil Cunningham;
Track 9a Peter Wood;
Track 9b Willie Hunter;
Track 9c Graham Townsend;
Track 10 Angus Lyon;
Track 11d Liz Carroll;
Track 11e Jamie Ross

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The Key

Blazin’ Fiddles: The Key (Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2017)

The Key
Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2017 (CD, UK, 8 December 2017)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stuart Hamilton at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Live photography by Sean Purser;
Sleeve design and layout by Ewan MacPherson


Kristan Harvey, Bruce McGregor, Rua Macmillan, Jenna Reid: fiddles;
Anna Massie: guitar, fiddle;
Angus Lyon: piano

Duncan Lyall: double bass


  1. Break the Light: The Devil’s Delight / Break the Light / Da Lerwick Lasses (3.06)
  2. Double Rise: The Goatherd and the Shepherd / Anlon McKinney / Double Rise (4.16)
  3. The Black Pig: McFall’s March / Lucy Campbell / The Black Pig (5.09)
  4. Annie’s Waltz (3.48)
  5. Picnic in the Sky: John MacDonald of Coll View / Anne Grace Henderson / Picnic in the Sky (4.27)
  6. The Rose of St. Magnus (5.43)
  7. The Ox / Niel Gow’s Style / The Gentle Milkmaid / Unknown Reel (4.23)
  8. The Beeswing: Mr Michie / The Beeswing / The Merrymaking (4.16)
  9. The Highlander’s Revenge / Mutt’s Favourite (4.45)
  10. Wind Song: The Silent Command / Wind Song (4.21)
  11. Harris Dance: Violet Tulloch’s / The Old Box / Harris Dance (4.02)

Track 1a Dan R. MacDonald;
Track 1b Marie Fielding;
Tracks 1c, 7c, 8d, 11c trad.;
Track 2a trad., from the Patrick Macdonald Collection;
Track 2b Carroll;
Track 2c Phil Cunningham;
Track 3a Jenna Reid;
Track 3b trad., Skye Collection;
Tracks 3c, 9b Jerry Holland;
Tracks 4, 7a, 9a Bruce MacGregor;
Track 5a Mary-Ann Kennedy;
Track 5b Debbie Scott;
Track 5c Matheu Watson;
Track 6 Ivan Drever;
Track 7b trad., from the Simon Fraser Collection;
Track 8a Angus Fitchet;
Track 8b James Hill;
Track 10a Dinny McLaughlin;
Track 10b Hamish Napier;
Track 11a Tom Anderson;
Track 11b Otis Tomas

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Blazin’ Fiddles: XXV (Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2023)

Blazin’ Fiddles

Blazin’ Fiddles BFCD2023 (CD, UK, 22 September 2023)

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Recorded by Katie May at Real World Studios;
Mixed by Angus Lyon and Chris Waite at Gran’s House Studio;
Mastered by Sam Proctor at Lismore Mastering;
Band photography by Archie MacFarlane;
Design by Ewan MacPherson (Quiet Design)

Folking.com review by Dai Jeffries


Kristan Harvey, Bruce McGregor, Rua Macmillan, Jenna Reid: fiddles;
Anna Massie: guitar, fiddle;
Angus Lyon: piano


  1. Jukebox: Young Alumnus / Vladimir’s Steamboat / The Tønder Jukebox (4.25)
  2. Strone Point / Anne Lacey’s (5.36)
  3. Call Her Mum (5.41)
  4. Devil: Devil’s Polska / Washington Square Park (6.20)
  5. Maguire and Paterson: Bouchard Quadrille / Maguire and Paterson (5.08)
  6. The Windmill: Sarah Jane’s / Chris and Tully’s / El Molín Del Puirtu (4.43)
  7. Goodfellow’s: The Creaking Ceilidh Crew / Kristan’s Bluesy Tune / Telfer’s Tune / Cameron’s Gamble (5.20)
  8. The Road to Skye (3.07)
  9. Larry: Coir’-Iararaidh / The Lollipop Waltz / Willie’s Auld Trews / Maurice Lennon’s Tribute to Larry Reynolds (6.00)

Track 1a Andrea Beaton;
Track 1b Jay Ungar;
Track 1c Mairearad Green;
Tracks 2a, 8, 9a Bruce McGregor;
Track 2b Liz Carroll;
Track 3 Ruairidh Gollan;
Track 4a Marieke Van Ransbeeck;
Track 4b Angus Lyon, Ruarídh Cambell;
Tracks 5a, 9c trad.;
Track 5b Robbie Overson;
Tracks 6a, 7d Jenna Reid;
Tracks 6bc Simon Bradley;
Tracks 7a, 9b Anna Massie;
Track 7b Kristan Harvey;
Track 7c Rua Macmillan;
Track 9d Maurice Lennon


Blazin’ Fiddles play The Windmill live at Real World Studios:

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