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Gill Redmond and Sarah Matthews: Personally Speaking

Gill Redmond and Sarah Matthews: Personally Speaking (Coth COTHCD004)

Personally Speaking
Gill Redmond and Sarah Matthews

Coth Records COTHCD004 (CD, UK, 2006)

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Produced by John Adams, Gill Redmond and Sarah Matthews;
Recorded and mixed by John Adams at Chevin Studio, Derbyshire;
Mastered at Sight and Sound Music Workshop, Bolton on Dearne;
Photos by Pete Gritton


Gill Redmond: cello, vocals;
Sarah Matthews: fiddle, viola, vocals


  1. Hunt the Squirrel / Spirit of the Dance (3.13)
  2. Glwysen (The Fairest One) (5.00)
  3. Chokela och bullar (Chocolate and Buns) (5.04)
  4. Great Tom Is Cast / Christchurch (3.37)
  5. Korsbarsbiten (Cherry Tune) (4.54)
  6. The Attingham Waltz (6.03)
  7. The Derby Miller (Roud 138; Laws Q21; G/D 3:703) / The Dusty Miller (5.06)
  8. Hornipe in A / Piddellipom (4.36)
  9. The Summer’s Maggot (3.06)
  10. The Motorway Mazurka (3.22)
  11. Coleg y Bifysgol Abertawe (University College Swansea) (3.46)

Tracks 1, 3-4, 7ab trad.;
Track 2 Edward James;
Track 5 Louise Schultz;
Track 6 Helena Torpy;
Track 8a Gill Redmond;
Track 8b Carina Normansson;
Track 9 Sarah Matthews;
Track 10 Jon Swayne;
Track 11 Pat Shaw

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Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond: New Road to Alston

Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond: New Road to Alston (WildGoose WGS392CD)

New Road to Alston
Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond

WildGoose Studios WGS392CD (CD, UK, 2012)

Produced and recorded by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios, May Cottage, Wherwell, Hampshire;
Cover picture from original photographs by Mart Roberson;
Other photograps: Gill Redmond and Pete Gritton


Dave Townsend: vocals, English concertina;
Gill Redmond: cello


  1. New Road to Alston / Trip to Cartmel (3.32)
  2. The Lousy Tailor (Roud 1528) (3.42)
  3. Shaker Tunes: Father James’s Tune / Mother Anne’s Tune / Encouragement (5.32)
  4. Banks of the Sweet Primroses (Roud 586; G/D 8:1841) / Country Stepdance / The Monkey Hornpipe (5.40)
  5. Schottis / Engelska efter Captain Lindholm / Chocolate och Bullar (6.06)
  6. The Captain’s Apprentice (Roud 835) / The Chinese Dance (4.15)
  7. Washington Hornpipe / William Irwin’s (3.47)
  8. The Shepherd’s Song (Roud 1470) (5.32)
  9. Boroughbridge Rant / Berwick Lasses / Love for Ever (4.25)
  10. Old Age and Young / Variations on Johnny Cope (4.52)
  11. Rolling in the Dew (Roud 298; G/D 4:812) (2.23)
  12. Ffarwell Marian (Farewell to the Shore) / Aberdaugleddau (Milford Haven) (5.29)
  13. The Banks of the Nile (Roud 950; Laws N9; G/D 1:99; Henry H238a) (2.36)
  14. I’ll Touzle Your Kerchie / All Around the World / Whip Her and Gird Her (5.18)

All tracks trad. arr. Dave Townsend, Gill Redmond except
Tracks 5b, 8a, 9a, 11ab Gill Redmond;
Track 7a Liam O’Flynn;
Track 7c Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh;

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