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The Boatman’s Cure

Paul Downes: The Boatman’s Cure (WildGoose WGS396CD)

The Boatman’s Cure
Paul Downes

WildGoose Studios WGS396CD (CD, UK, July 2013)

Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey at WildGoose Studios


Paul Downes: vocal, guitar, banjo, mandolin [8];
Phil Beer: violin [1, 6, 12], mandolin [5], acoustic bass;
Maggie Boyle: flute, whistle, bodhrán;
Issy Emeney: melodeon;
Keith Kendrick: concertina;
Jackie Oates: violin [4-5, 7, 9];
Gill Redmond: cello


  1. Honour and Praise
  2. Farewell Nancy (Roud 527; Laws K14; Henry H755)
  3. Braunton Burrows
  4. The Old Man’s Retreat
  5. The Boatman’s Cure
  6. Down Among the Dead Men
  7. The Poor Old Couple (Roud 491)
  8. I Hate the Rain
  9. The Broken-Down Gentleman (Roud 383)
  10. Lamorna Cove
  11. The Road to Camden Town
  12. Unaccompanied (accompanied)

Track 1 John Richards;
Tracks 2, 7, 9 trad.;
Tracks 3, 10 Paul Downes;
Track 4 Nick Burbridge;
Track 5 George Ward;
Track 6 Mick Ryan;
Track 8 Bob Kirkpatrick;
Track 11 Kevin Boyle;
Track 12 Harvey Andrews

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