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422: One (Fellside FECD153)


Fellside Recordings FECD153 (CD, UK, 2000)

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Recorded by Richard Adams and Paul Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Layout by Mary Blood;
Cover artwork by Emma Hardy;
Research by Dave Ball;
Photograph by Graham Pirt


Emily Ball: fiddle;
Sophy Ball: fiddle, foot percussion [1];
Joey Oliver: whistles, recorder [4];
Sam Pirt: piano accordion, percussive accordion bellows and hups [13];
Ian Stephenson: guitar, electric bass [12]
Richard Adams: shaky egg [5, 12], cowbell [12]


  1. Homage: Le Bateau / Homage á Edmond Parizeau (2.35)
  2. The Danish Tune: Gamle Jes Sonnichsen’s Styk (3.56)
  3. Broken Plate / Tommy’s Tarbukas / Pottinger’s Reel (4.46)
  4. Ian’s: Seven Tens Polska / Portland Fancy (2.57)
  5. The Pack Set: Centenary Pack / Mitton’s Breakdown (2.59)
  6. A Special Day / Swedish Polska (4.04)
  7. The Jig Set: Kilfenora Jig / Calliope House (4.46)
  8. President Garfield / Clumsy Lover (3.59)
  9. The Curlew (3.16)
  10. Fløteren (3.20)
  11. High Part of the Road / Slängspolka (4.30)
  12. The Shetland Klezma Set: A Yow Cam ta Wir Door Yarmin’ (4.36)
  13. Big John McNeil’s: Le Reel des Siamois / Alvah Batcheldar’s / John McNeil’s (3.33)

Tracks 1a, 6b, 7a, 8a, 11-12 trad.;
Track 1b Marcel Messervier;
Tracks 2, 13b unknown;
Tracks 3a, 6a Sam Pirt;
Track 3b Alasdair Fraser;
Tracks 3c Tom Anderson;
Track 4 Ian Stephenson;
Tracks 5a Alasdair Anderson;
Track 5b Earl Mitton;
Track 7b Dave Richardson;
Track 8b Neil Dicky;
Track 9 Joey Oliver;
Track 10 Annbjørg Lien, Bjørn Ole Rasch;
Track 13a André Marchand;
Track 13c Peter Milne

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New Numbers

422: New Numbers (Fellside FECD171)

New Numbers

Fellside Recordings FECD171 (CD, UK, 2003)

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Recorded 24-16 July 2002 by Paul Adams and Bob Hallard;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Artwork and design by Emma Hardy;
Photography by Karen Tweed


Emily Ball: violin, viola [5-6, 9];
Sophy Ball: violin;
Joey Oliver: whistles, oboe;
Sam Pirt: piano accordion;
Ian Stephenson: guitar, 12-string guitar [7]


  1. Screaming Sap: Vrålkåda (5.02)
  2. Rodney’s: Brumley Brea / Saratoga Hornpipe (5.05)
  3. Anton and Erik’s: Nyset (3.24)
  4. TV Set: Sheehan’s Reel / Barrowburn Reel / Miller’s Reel (3.28)
  5. Kuati: Konvulsionslåt / Tune from Kuwait (4.37)
  6. New Jigs: La Vielle Maclotte / The Weaver and His Wife / My Dungannon Sweetheart (4.47)
  7. Troll: Trollens Brudmarsch / The Troll (7.22)
  8. Cowboy: Polka Chinois / Buffty Under a Boosh / The Cowboy Jig (5.45)
  9. Tanteeka: Polska / Tanteeka / Svahn Schottis (8.36)
  10. Miss Susan Cooper: Captain Peterson of melby / The Growling Old Man and the Grumbling Old Woman / The Laurel Tree / Miss Susan Cooper (4.26)

Track 1 Roger Tallroth;
Track 2a William McPherson;
Tracks 2b, 4ac, 5b, 6a, 8ac, 10bc trad.;
Track 3 Anton Teljebäck;
Track 4b Adie Harper;
Track 5a Anders Stake;
Track 6b Andrew Rankine;
Track 6c Graham Townsend;
Track 7a Pelle Schenell;
Tracks 7b Emily Ball;
Tracks 8b Sophy Ball;
Track 9a Carl-Eric Berndt;
Track 9b Jo Freya;
Track 9c Erika Ny;
Track 10a Frank Jameison;
Track 10d Ronald Cooper

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Major Third

422: Major Third (Fellside FECD191)

Major Third

Fellside Recordings FECD191 (CD, UK, 2005)

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Recorded by Paul Adams;
Produced by Paul Adams and 422;
Artwork Mary Blood;
Photograph by Rik Walton


Emily Ball, Sophy Ball: violins;
Joey Oliver: whistles, oboe;
Sam Pirt: piano accordion;
Ian Stephenson: guitar


  1. Finska Polka (3.24)
  2. Paddy’s Leather Britches / The Breakdown / The Stool of Repentance (4.09)
  3. Del Caro’s Hornpipe / Peveril Castle (5.27)
  4. McDermott’s Polka (4.27)
  5. Lopez Hornpipe / Rosewood Jig (5.28)
  6. Don Messer Set: Levantine’s Barrel / I Married a Wife Yet I Did Not / Doctor Morrison’s Seven Thistles (4.22)
  7. The Golden Rooster / The East Wind (5.08)
  8. Trip to Scarborough / Himlen’s Polka (6.17)
  9. The Culfadda / Mary Clare / Archie Menzies (5.18)
  10. Astrid’s: Ost og Brød / Sounds of the Underground (4.51)
  11. New New Jigs: Young Scottie / Freeland’s Jig #2 / Jim Anderson’s Delight (4.54)
  12. Return from Helsinki / Schottis efter Magnus Gustafsson (8.41)

All tracks trad. except
Track 3a Neil Field;
Track 3b Emily and Sophy Ball;
Track 4 Tim O’Leary;
Tracks 5a, 10b, 12a Ian Stephenson;
Tracks 5b, 6c James Scott Skinner;
Track 7b Alistair Anderson;
Track 9b Jerry Holland;
Track 9c John Lowe;
Track 11a Charlie Sherritt;
Track 11b Ívar Bærentsen;
Track 11c Ronald Cooper

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Go Forth

422: Go Forth (Fellside FECD237)

Go Forth

Fellside Recordings FECD237 (CD, UK, July 2010)

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Recorded by Julien Batten at Quayside Studios;
Mixed by Julien Batten and Ian Stephenson;
Produced by 422 and Julien Batten;
String parts by Ian Stephenson;
Artwork and design by NOE Design;
Photography by Bryony Bainbridge


Emily Ball: violin, viola;
Sophy Ball: violin;
Joey Oliver: whistles, oboe;
Sam Pirt: piano accordion;
Ian Stephenson: guitar, double bass


  1. Anne Fraser McKenzie / Milltimber Jig / Joe Foster’s (3.38)
  2. Mambo Marimba / Red Crow (4.34)
  3. Gaspé Set: Raka Vägen / The Gaspé / Reel de Montréal (4.34)
  4. Sitting in the Stern of a Boat / The Topper Jig / You Can Call Me Big Al (7.44)
  5. Rocking Chair Jigs: The Northside Kitchen / Sir Wilfred Laurier’s March / The Rocking Chair Jig (4.45)
  6. Solo Reels: Go On Ahead / The Leitrim Lilter / Will Taylor’s Fiddle / Green Fields of Glentown (4.57)
  7. Antigonish Polka / North Carolina Breakdown / Popcorn Behaviour (4.17)
  8. The Letter That Never Came / Washington Square Park (6.06)
  9. Bread and Cheese / Cobbler’s Hornpipe (4.17)
  10. The York Rant / Geamparale / Richenitza (3.41)

Track 1a Bobby MacLeod;
Track 1b Ian Crichton;
Track 1c Lindsay Ross;
Tracks 2a, 4bc Ian Stephenson;
Track 2b Mairéad Ní Mhaoaigh;
Track 3a Ankarblom;
Tracks 3bc, 5ab, 6ad, 7a, 9-10 trad.;
Track 4a William McLeod arr. Ian Stephenson;
Track 5c Graham Townsend;
Track 6b Charlie Lennon;
Track 6c Lell Robertson;
Track 7b Arthur Smith;
Track 7c jay Ungar;
Track 8a Thomas Newman;
Track 8b Ruaridh Campbell, Angus Lyon

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