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MichaelAnnJillo: I’ll Give You One More As You Go

MichaelAnnJillo: I’ll Give You One More As You Go (ReZound 005)

I’ll Give You One More As You Go

ReZound 005 (CD, UK, November 2023)

Remastered from Jill Pidd’s original cassettes recorded in Mike and Ann Waterson’s kitchen plus
Tracks 2-4, 9 recorded at Beverley Festival 1992

All proceeds from the CD will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support


Mike Waterson, Ann Waterson, Jill Pidd: vocals


  1. Hymey Hancock (2.08)
  2. Willie Macintosh (Roud 4010; Child 183) (1.47)
  3. Battle of Sykehouse Lock (3.11)
  4. I Will Go With My Father (4.40)
  5. Ploughman Boy (Roud 843; Laws M22; G/D 3:413, 6:1117) (2.50)
  6. Gaol Song (Roud 1077) (3.08)
  7. Maid and the Palmer (Roud 2335; Child 21) (5.57)
  8. Bonnie James Campbell (Roud 338; Child 210) (2.28)
  9. I F’und a Bo’d’s Nest (Roud 236) (3.11)
  10. Sir Lionel (Roud 29; Child 18) (3.50)
  11. Tugman’s Farewell (3.01)
  12. Enoch Brown (Roud 10724) (2.24)
  13. I’ll Give You One More (Roud 3755) (2.30)

Probably all tracks trad. arr. MichaelAnnJillo except
Tracks 3, 11 Gerald ‘Gezz’ Overington;
Track 4 words Joseph Campbell (Seosamh MacCathmhaoil, 1879-1944)

Notes by Jill Pidd

I have known Mike and Ann Waterson for most of my life, living in Hull and attending the local folk clubs. My brother Jules and I founded Hull’s Rugby Hotel Folk club in 1970 and Mike was one of the resident singers, along with Ian ‘Jock’ Manuel and Jim Eldon.

When we later moved to the Robin Hoods Bay area, we all regularly attended the local folk club and, although we each sang separately, one day it was suggested we might bring our voices together as a trio, which we did. It was my daughter, who was about eleven-years-old at the time, proposed a name for us. Mike really loved it and so ‘MichaelAnnJillo’ was formed!

After singing at various clubs and Whitby Folk Week in the early 1990’s to great acclaim, other festivals and folk clubs soon followed; we toured as ‘MichaelAnnJillo’ for about four years. Concurrently, I was drafted into the Watersons in place of Lal who was unwell, and I sang with them from 1990 to 1994, including two American tours. Mike and I also travelled as a duo for some years after MichaelAnnJillo ceased to be.

A proposal to reunite as a trio had to be abandoned in 2010, when Mike was cruelly diagnosed with terminal cancer and he died around a year later. We miss him greatly but were delighted and astonished to discover the cassettes—with occasional laughs and coughs—that recall a time of precious music, creativity and fun, which we hope to share with this CD. For Ann and myself, this is both rare and priceless since it is the only recording of our group that we know of, we are equally grateful that it can be used to celebrate Mike and further the work of Macmillan Cancer Support.