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Mrs Marriott

[Dave Swarbrick]

Dave Swarbrick recorded his tune together with dedicatee Beryl Marriott playing the piano for his album English Fiddler. He also played it together with Martin Carthy on their 2006 album Straws in the Wind. Carthy commented in the sleeve notes:

Nobody writes a tune like Dave Swarbrick. There, I’ve said it. The reason lies, of course, in that great care he takes to ensure that a tune of his doesn’t sound like anyone else’s by choosing roads which most others would shun, then noticing, picking up and incorporating little diamonds on the way. Mrs Marriott, written to honour the fabulous piano player and piss-me-off-and-I’ll-clatter-you friend Beryl Marriott, who is one of his long time (and I do mean long time) and very successful musical collaborators, is just such a tune, filled with little twits, secret corners, and surprises. Clever bloke.