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Live at Jacksons Lane

Dave Swarbrick: Live at Jacksons Lane (Musikfolk MFCD514)

Live at Jacksons Lane
Dave Swarbrick

Musikfolk MFCD514 (CD, UK, 1998)
Gadfly Records Gadfly 503 (CD, USA, 2002)

Dave Swarbrick: Live at Jacksons Lane (Gadfly 503)

All tracks recorded live at Jacksons Lane Community Centre, London on 16 December 1991;
There are no overdubs;
Engineered by Steve Sheldon of Musikfolk;
Mastered by David Wood of Broad Oak Studios;
Produced: Ian & Stephanie Rennie of Musikfolk Limited;
Photography: Mark Anderson;
Design: Ian & Stephanie Rennie


Dave Swarbrick: vocals, fiddle


  1. The Bonny Black Hare (Roud 1656; G/D 7:1427) (3.00)
  2. Pittengardeners Rant / The Flogging (3.18)
  3. Nathaniel Gow’s Lament for His Brother / Rory of the Hills (6.43)
  4. Lovely Nancy (Roud 527; Laws K14; Henry H755) (3.42)
  5. The Hag with the Money / Sheag of Rye / Sleepy Maggie (4.40)
  6. Lord Haddo’s Favourite / Lady Mary Hay’s Scotch Measure (5.00)
  7. The Pepperpot / Sailing into Walpoles Marsh / Bunker Hill (7.06)
  8. Sheebeg and Sheemore (6.44)
  9. The Two Magicians (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334) (4.55)

All tracks trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick except
Track 2a Skinner arr. Dave Swarbrick
Tracks 3a, 6 Gow arr. Dave Swarbrick
Track 3b Cahen arr. Dave Swarbrick
Track 5b Byrne arr. Dave Swarbrick
Track 7a Dave Swarbrick
Track 5b O’Carolan arr. Dave Swarbrick