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Eureka! with Dave Swarbrick: Jammin’ With Gypsy

Eureka: Jammin’ With Gypsy (Word of Mouth WMCD 002)

Jammin’ With Gypsy
Eureka! with Dave Swarbrick

Word of Mouth Music WMCD 002 (CD, Australia, 1998)


Andy Gray: acoustic guitar, mandolin, cittern, mando-cello, whistle, vocals;
Bruce Reid: acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel and vocals;
Ralph Graham: bass, vocals;
Cye Wood: violin;
Pete Ciobo: drums
Dave Swarbrick: violin, vocals


  1. A Couple of Days
  2. Green
  3. Mad About You / Siege of Sydney Street
  4. The Parade Set: Scenes from the Parade / Bream on the Line / Twin Step / Big Sciota
  5. Streets of Paddington