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Too Much of Nothing

[Bob Dylan]

Every record in which Sandy Denny was involved had its Bob Dylan song, and this is the 1970 album Fotheringay’s Dylan song. Here sung by Trevor Lucas with Sandy on chorus, it comes from Dylan’s Basement Tapes, as do Million Dollar Bash and Si Tu Dois Partir.

A Fotheringay live performance at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, on 23 October 1970 was included in 2011 on the concert recording Essen 1970.

Fotheringay performed Too Much of Nothing and three other songs live in October 1970 for the Radio Bremen TV programme “Beat Club” but only this song was actually broadcast on 28 November 1970. Extracts from this performance were published in 2006 on the DVD Sandy Denny: Under Review. Too Much of Nothing was included in 2007 on the Beat-Club retrospective DVD Beat-Club: Progressive Times Vol. 3 1970, and all four songs were finally included in 2015 on the DVD of Fotheringay’s Universal anthology Nothing More.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Bob Dylan’s website.