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The Way I Feel

[Gordon Lightfoot]

Fotheringay recorded Gordon Lightfoot’s song The Way I Feel, with Trevor Lucas singing lead vocals, in 1970 for their eponymous album Fotheringay.

Both an alternate take—actually the very first Fotheringay song, recorded on 18 February 1970— and a Fotheringay live performance at Holland Pop Festival in Rotterdam on 28 June 1970 were included in 2015 on Fotheringay’s Universal anthology Nothing More.

Another Fotheringay live performance of The Way I Feel at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, on 23 October 1970 was included in 2011 on the concert recording Essen 1970.


Fotheringay sing The Way I Feel

The way I feel is like a robin,
Whoses birds have flown to come no more,
Like a tall oak-tree, alone and cryin’,
When the birds have flown and the nest is bare.

Now a woman, Lord, is like a young bird,
And the tall oak-tree is a young man’s heart.
Among its branches, you’ll find her nesting
When the nights are cool, she is warm and dry.

In leaves of green they will protect her,
Her wings will grow, your love will too
But all too soon your mighty branches
Will fail to hold her, she’ll fly from you.

(repeat first verse)