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The Last Thing on My Mind

[Tom Paxton]

This classic Tom Paxton song was recorded in a session with Johnny Silvo on 22 March 1967. It is louder than My Ramblin’ Boy, with more accompaniment and is less good. The chords have been changed slightly in a few places in this folk-club standard. The recording was originally released on Sandy and Johnny. It was reissued in 1977 on the German Nova compilation LP Sandy Denny, some time later on The Original Sandy Denny, and in 2005 on Where the Time Goes.

An alternative recording from the same session was included in the Saga compilation LP Sandy Denny and - for the first time on CD - in 2005 on Where the Time Goes, together with the first version.

Sandy Denny recorded this song live with the Johnny Silvo Four in June 1967 for the BBC World Service programme “The Johnny Silvo Four” broadcast in early January 1968. This recording was published in 2007 on the 3CD+DVD set Live at the BBC.


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