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Sandy’s Song

[Paul Metsers]

Paul Metsers sang this song “about Sandy Denny, whose singing and songwriting I’ve always liked and admired,” in 1981 on this first album, Caution to the Wind. Helen Watson played piano and she and Nic Jones sang harmony vocals.


Paul Metsers sings Sandy’s Song

I once wrote you a letter,
Silly now, it seems
To let you know you turned me so
That I shared your dreams.
I almost mailed it to you
Brash and bold, I guess,
Too much to say and, anyway,
Couldn’t find out your address.

Chorus (twice after each verse):
Hey Sandy, oh Sandy,
Where do you belong?
The winds of foam and the birds of home
Carry me your song

And we, who needs must linger
Upon the mortal earth
Transported are, and richer far
In songs you brought to birth.
With words that never falter
And tunes that bell-like ring
Resounding strong, remembered long
I’m so glad I heard you sing

The swallow has already gone
On ancient-guided wings
The tree it left, of leaf bereft
To which it vainly clings.
Somehome the golden autumn
Seems your best disguise,
Times of change and birds that range
Across the morning skies.


Thanks to Paul Metsers and Pauline Brocklehurst for the lyrics.