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Nothing More

[Sandy Denny]

Sandy Denny’s song Nothing More is a song in the tradition of Autopsy, dissecting a relationship. According to Clinton Heylin in his Sandy Denny biography, this song is about Richard Thompson.

There exist several versions of this song; Sandy plays the piano on all versions:

  1. The studio version on the 1070 album Fotheringay was also included in 1988 on the 7 LP box set, Island Life: 25 Years of Island Records and in 2000 on the 2 CD Sandy Denny anthology No More Sad Refrains.
  2. A live version, recorded at the Holland Pop Festival (a.k.a. Kralingen Music Festival) in Rotterdam on 28 June 1970, appeared in 1986 on Sandy’s Who Knows Where the Time Goes box set, in July 2004 both on the Fledg’ling CD reissue of Fotheringay, and in October 2004 on the 5 CD Fledg’ling Sandy Denny anthology A Boxful of Treasures.
  3. A Fotheringay live performance at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, on 23 October 1970 was included in 2011 on the concert recording Essen 1970.
  4. A performance filmed for “Beat Club” of Radio Bremen, Germany, in October 1970 wasn’t actually broadcast on that programme. It was included in 2015 on the DVD of Fotheringay’s Universal anthology Nothing More.
  5. Another live version was recorded on Sandy’s final concert on 27 November 1977; it was released in 1998 on her Island CD Gold Dust - Live at the Royalty.


Sandy Denny sings Nothing More

My friend I know you’ve suffered,
Although you are still young.
Why was it you who’d not take help
From anyone?

Oh it’s true, it’s very true, he said,
Some hard times I have known,
But I have always overcome them
On my own.

Oh the pearls that you hold in your hand
They are beautiful to see,
But you show them not to anyone,
Not even me.

For you are like the others, he said.
I never can be sure
That you wish just to see the pearls
And nothing more.

Why can you not see reason?
Our lives they are not long.
Why can you take no time
To tell us all we’re wrong?

My tune it does not change, he said,
And neither does your song,
And words I use them rarely
When I’m all alone.

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