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Been on the Road So Long

[Alex Campbell]

This song was recorded twice by Sandy Danny in her early career: one version with Sandy singing solo vocal was released on Sandy and Johnny, on the Saga LP Sandy Denny, in 2004 on the 5CD Fledg'ling anthology A Boxful of Treasures, and in 2005 on Where the Time Goes.

A different version with Alex Campbell taking most of the vocal work - Sandy only repeats “so long” in the chorus - was released on Alex Campbell and His Friends. This version is the one included in the CD The Original Sandy Denny and was also re-released in 2005 on Where the Time Goes, together with the first version.

Sandy Denny recorded this song solo and live for the BBC Radio 1 programme “My Kind of Folk” on 26 June 1968. This recording was published in 2007 on the 3CD+DVD set Live at the BBC.


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