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The London Symphony Orchestra - Tommy

London Symphony Orchestra: Tommy (Century CECC-0028)

As Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir with Guest Soloists

Century CECC-0028 (2 LP, UK, 1972)
Castle Music CCSCD 408 (CD, UK, 1994)

London Symphony Orchestra: Tommy (Castle CCSCD 408)

Produced by Lou Reizner;
London Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir conducted and directed by David Measham;
Arrangements by Wil Malone with additional arrangements by James Sullivan;
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London;
Chief Engineer: Keith Grant;
Assisted by Bob Potter, Anton Mathews and Mike Boback;
The Who’s original recording of Tommy produced by Kit Lambert.

Pictures from the Tommy performance at The Rainbow, 9 December 1972 by Oliver Le Dour.


  1. Overture (London Symphony Orchestra, Pete Townhend)
  2. It’s a Boy (Sandy Denny)
  3. 1921 (Graham Bell, Steve Winwood, Maggie Bell, Roger Daltrey)
  4. Amazing Journey (Pete Townhend)
  5. Sparks (London Symphony Orchestra)
  6. Eyesight to the Blind (Richie Havens)
  7. Christmas (Steve Winwood, Roger Daltrey)
  8. Cousin Kevin (John Entwistle)
  9. The Acid Queen (Merry Clayton)
  10. Underture (London Symphony Orchestra)
  11. Do You Think It’s Alright? (Maggie Bell, Steve Winwood)
  12. Fiddle About (Ringo Starr)
  13. Pin Ball Wizard (Rod Stewart)
  14. There’s a Doctor I’ve Found (Steve Winwood)
  15. Go to the Mirror Boy (Richard Harris, Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood)
  16. Tommy Can You Hear Me? (Maggie Bell)
  17. Smash the Mirror (Maggie Bell)
  18. I’m Free (Roger Daltrey)
  19. Miracle Cure (Chamber Choir)
  20. Sensation (Roger Daltrey)
  21. Sally Simpson (Pete Townhend)
  22. Welcome (Roger Daltrey)
  23. Tommy’s Holiday Camp (Ringo Starr)
  24. We’re Not Gonna Take It (Roger Daltrey)
  25. See Me, Feel Me (Roger Daltrey)
  26. Finale from We’re Not Gonna Take It

All tracks composed by Pete Townshend except
Track 6 Sonny Boy Williamson II;
Tracks 8, 12 John Entwistle;
Track 23 Keith Moon