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Swedish Fly Girls

Swedish Fly Girls (Juno S-1003)

Swedish Fly Girls

Film: Denmark/USA 1971
Record: Juno Records S-1003 (LP, USA, May 1972)

Swedish Fly Girls
Swedish Fly Girls

A film by Jack O'Connell based on a Medieval Legend “Tancred L'amour”. It was the first film ever edited to the beat of the music. It was also marketed under the title Christa, and was presented under this name at the Cannes Festival in 1971.

Sound: Lennart Andersson;
Sound Mixer: John Wood;
Music by: Mose Henry;
Lyrics by Mose Henry & Jack O'Connell;
Produced by: Manfred Mann;
Arranged by: Derek Wadsworth;
Music Co-ordinator: Joel Black;
Sound Editors: Leslie Hodgson & Archie Ludski

Recorded in mid 1969 at Maximum Sound, Old Kent Road, London;
Produced by Manfred Mann;
Sound Engineer: Dave Hadfield;
Album production supervision by Ettore Stratte and Robert Colby
The soundtrack performers are all uncredited except for Manfred Mann as producer, but they include Melanie, Sandy Denny, Mose Henry and Manfred Mann.


Sandy Denny sings on Water Mother, What Will I Do With Tomorrow, Are the Judges Sane?, and I Need You.

  1. Queen Bee (3.09)
  2. Where the Beauties Are (2.07)
  3. Easy (1.46)
  4. Beautiful People (3.30)
  5. Outside of My Mind (3.11)
  6. Water Mother (2.06)
  7. The People Show (2.52)
  8. Christa (2.40)
  1. Broken-Glass Lives (2.42)
  2. Love Is All I Need (2.43)
  3. What Will I Do With Tomorrow (2.40)
  4. On the Move (2.24)
  5. Are the Judges Sane? (3.15)
  6. Blot Jeg Meg En Mand Kan Faa / Love Is All I Need (2.46)
  7. I Need You (1.41)
  8. Crystal Trumpet Smiles (2.46)
Swedish Fly Girls   Swedish Fly Girls