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Sandy Denny: Pass of Arms

Sandy Denny: Pass of Arms (Island WIP 6141)

Pass of Arms
Sandy Denny

Island Records WIP 6141 (single, UK, Summer 1972)

Sandy Denny: Pass of Arms (Island WIP 6141, back side)

Recorded at Basing Street & Sound Techniques Studio in spring 1972.

This is an Island Records single from the soundtrack of the award winning film Pass of Arms (written, produced and directed by Peter Elford; soundtrack by Don Fraser) sung by Sandy Denny. Both of her tracks are now available on the 2 CD Sandy Denny anthology, No More Sad Refrains and on the 2005 CD reissue of Sandy.

Pass of Arms:
In chivalry, a place which the ancient knights undertook to defend, e.g. a bridge, road, or ford etc., which was not to be passed without fighting the person who kept it. [Oxford English Dictionary]


Side 1

  1. Strange Meeting [Wilfred Owen] (4.07)
    read by Christopher Logue
  2. Here in Silence [Peter Elford, Don Fraser] (3.54)

Side 2

  1. Man of Iron [Peter Elford, Don Fraser] (7.38)