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Richard Thompson: Faithless (Beeswing BSW005)

Richard Thompson Band live, 1995

Beeswing Records BSW005 (CD, USA, 2004)

Produced and mixed for CD by Ed Haber;
Analog transfers at The Kennel, Brooklyn NY;
Selected audio restoration by Joseph Patrych;
Design by patrick Greenberger;
Cover photo courtesy Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center;
Live photo by Gregory R. Barden


Richard Thompson: electric guitar, vocals;
Clive Gregson: rhythm guitar, organ, backing vocals;
Rory McFarlane: bass, backing vocals;
Gerry Conway: drums;
Christine Collister: backing vocals, acoustic guitasr, percussion


  1. Fire in the Engine Room (3.42)
  2. Nearly in Love (4.18)
  3. Did She Jump or Was She Pushed? (5.36)
  4. You Don’t Say (4.55)
  5. For Shame of Doing Wrong (7.50)
  6. Little Blue Number (3.01)
  7. How I Wanted To (5.11)
  8. I Ain’t Going to Drag My Feet No More (5.19)
  9. Shoot Out the Lights (5.40)
  10. She Twists the Knife Again (3.18)
  11. Love in a Faithless Country (7.19)
  12. Wall of Death (3.38)
  13. Tear Stained Letter (7.47)
  14. Withered and Died (3.34)
  15. Skull and Cross Bones (4.03)

All songs written by Richard Thompson except
Track 3 Richard and Linda Thompson;
Track 15 Barbara Morgan