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For Shame of Doing Wrong

[Richard Thompson]

Sandy Denny recorded this song twice: a studio version on Rendezvous, on the Who Knows Where the Time Goes? box set, on The Best of Sandy Denny, and on the 2CD anthology No More Sad Refrains, and a live version from her final concert on 27 November 1977 on The Attic Tracks Vol. 3 and on Gold Dust - Live at the Royalty. This song, especially when compared to Richard Thompson’s own minimalistic recording on Pour Down Like Silver sounds very overproduced and muddled.

On the studio version play Bundrick / Donahue / Donaldson / Mattacks; the live version has basically the same arrangement as the studio version (which was recorded only a few months previously), and both are somewhat bombastic.

Richard Thompson later rerecorded the song both on his 1982 album Small Town Romance and on his Across A Crowded Room video. The song is also known as I Wish I Was a Fool for You.

Bryony Holden sang For Shame of Doing Wrong in 2013 on her Sandy Denny tribute album Across the Purple Sky.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.