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Green to Grey

[Nic Jones]

Nic Jones sang his own composition Green to Grey in a live performance that was in 1998 on his anthology In Search of Nic Jones.


Nic Jones sings Green to Grey

Chorus (repeated after each verse):
All around the country
They’re changing green to grey.
What grows up for a century,
In a minute you can throw it away.

They come down here with chainsaws,
They come down with JCBs.
They’re digging up all of the hedgerows, boys,
And they’re digging up all of the trees.

Saw the man, the engineer,
Pocket-full of TNT.
And he laid it under the mountain side
And blew it to eternity.

I lived down by the meadow,
I used to live down by the wood.
But they’ve come down with bricks and ready-mix
And there’s a city where the trees once stood.

You can spend your lifetime
Writing to bureaucracy.
But you’ll use up so much paper,
You’ll just be digging up another tree.

(repeat first verse)