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Nic Jones's solo and group recordings

The Halliard, It's the Irish in Me (1967)

The Halliard with Jon Raven, The Halliard (1968)

Ballads and Songs (1970)

Nic Jones (1971)

Jon Raven, Tony Rose, Nic Jones, Songs of a Changing World (1973)

The Noah's Ark Trap (1977)

Bandoggs, Bandoggs (1978)

From the Devil to a Stranger (1978)

Penguin Eggs (1980)

The Halliard : Jon Raven / The Jolly Machine (1997)

In Search of Nic Jones (1998)

Unearthed (2001)

The Halliard, Broadside Songs (2005)

Game Set Match (2006)

The Halliard, The Last Goodnight! (2006)

The Enigma of Nic Jones (DVD, 2014)