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Siege of Delhi

[trad. arr. Martin Carthy]

Martin Carthy played the tune Siege of Delhi live in the Sunflower Folk Club, Belfast, on 20 October 1978. A recording of this concert was released in 2011 on the CD The January Man. in 1979 he recorded the tune in the studio for his album Because It’s There; Bruce Rowland played drums. This recording was also included in 1993 on his anthology The Collection. Steve Winick wrote in the latter album’s sleeve notes:

The lively tune Siege of Delhi was learnt by Martin from the great Scottish poet, songwriter, singer and folklorist Hamish Henderson. Martin and Henderson were both in Padstow, Cornwall, for the famous May Day celebration, when the drums are beaten all day—one reason (if one were needed) to include Bruce Rowland’s drumming. Part of the learning also occurred that same day at Mervyn Vincent’s house in St. Issy.

Martin Carthy also played The Siege of Delhi in 1993 on the instructional video British Fingerstyle Guitar; this performance was also included in 2003 on the DVD Fingerstyle Guitar Vol. 3.

Old Blind Dogs played Siege of Delhi in 1991 on their first and eponymous album, the cassette Old Blind Dogs.