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The Fiddle and the Drum

[Joni Mitchell]

Joni Mitchell recorded her own song for her May 1969 album Clouds.

June Tabor sang The Fiddle and the Drum unaccompanied in a BBC Radio 1 John Peel session recorded on 25 January 1977 and broadcast on 22 February 1977. This recording was published in 1986 on her EP The Peel Sessions and in 1991 on the compilation Before the Fall: The Peel Sessions 67-77. In 1983, she recorded the song for her Topic album Abyssinians, accompanied by Ric Sanders playing violin on the last verses.

Sarah Matthews sang The Fiddle and the Drum in 2012 on her album, As I Was Walking. She commented in her online notes:

Words cannot describe this piece—just have a listen. Written in the 1960s and somehow still so relevant!


Please find the lyrics for this song at Joni Mitchell’s website.