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No Man’s Land / Willy McBride / The Green Fields of France

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June Tabor sang Eric Bogle’s song No Man’s Land on her BBC Radio 1 John Peel session in July 1977. She recorded it in the same year, on one track together with Flowers of the Forest, for her Topic album Ashes and Diamonds. This was also included in 1993 on her compilation CD Anthology. and in 1997 on the Dressed for Peace anthology Poppies.

June Tabor also sang No Man’s Land on the 1993 CD We Died in Hell—They Called it Passchendaele and in 2005 on the Passendale suite Seeds of Peace.

Eric Bogle sang his own song on the 1983 FolkFreak album Songs for Peace.

Danny Spooner sang No Man’s Land on his 2007 CD of fairly contemporary Australian songs, Emerging Tradition. He noted:

Eric Bogle shows here why he is Australia’s most widely respected singer-songwriter. Hearing it, one cannot help but reflect on the horrors and stupidity of war, yet many power-mongers continue to believe it is the only way to solve disagreements. I have great difficulty getting through this song.

Logic sang The Green Fields of France in 2004 on their album Shades of Ireland.

Andy Turner sang No Man’s Land as the 11 November 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Week.

Daria Kulesh sang No Man’s Land in Autumn 2018 on her EP Autumn Delights.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Eric Bogle’s website (PDF document).

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