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The Albion Band: The HTD Years

The Albion Band: The HTD Years (HTD CD 116)

The HTD Years
The Albion Band

HTD Records HTD CD 116 (CD, UK, 2000)

Cover artwork by Peter Pracownik;
Additional digital and graphic design work by Wayne Twining at Dragon Eye;
Booklet design and layout by Malcolm Holmes at Really Wicked


Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol, Chris While, Ashley Reed, Julie Matthews, Chris Leslie, Joe Broughton, Kellie While, Neil Marshall, Simon Care, Keith Hinchliffe, Gillie Nichols


  1. Flandyke Shore (Roud 2636) (3.32)
  2. Sister Moon (4.12)
  3. Black Jack, Blue John and Galena / Blue John Hornpipe (3.21)
  4. Fastnet Rock / Man of War (6.04)
    all four from Acousticity (1993)
  1. Up the Crooked Spire (2.36)
    from Captured (1994)
  1. This Blessed Plot (5.23)
    from Demi Paradise (1996)
  1. Jig Sawjig / Real Alereel (2.46)
    from Before Us Stands Yesterday (1999)
  1. Joseph’s Tidings (3.56)
  2. Mistletoe, Mistletoe (3.44)
  3. The Star (4.02)
    all three from Christmas Album (1999)
  1. Wings (4.26)
    from Wings (single, 1998)
  1. Coming Home to Me (4.08)
  2. The Landslide (5.09)
    both from Happy Accident (1998)
  1. Get Up and Do It Again (3.42)
    from Albion Heart (1995)
  1. Ken’s Hornpipes (5.02)
    live from Trowbridge 24 March 2000
  2. Ridgeriders Medley: Never Without a Thief or Twain / Betteshanger Treasure / Turnpike Reel (7.19)
    recorded live at Canterbury 18 March 2000
  3. The Wooden O (6.16)
    live from Biddulph 23 March 2000

Track 1 trad. arr. Ashley Hutchings, Chris While;
Track 2 Chris While, Joe While;
Track 3 Ashley Hutchings, Ashley Reed;
Track 4a Ashley Reed;
Track 4b Steve Knightley;
Track 5 Keith Hinchliffe;
Track 6 Ashley Hutchings;
Track 7, 13 Joe Broughton;
Tracks 8, 11, 12 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol;
Track 9 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings, Kellie While;
Track 10 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings;
Track 14 Julie Matthews;
Track 15 Ken Nicol;
Track 16 Phil Beer, Ashley Hutchings

Sleeve Notes

A turning point in the history of HTD came with our first release of the Albion Band in 1993. The album Acousticity, a beautiful CD, led us to release many many more Albion and Ashley related material including The Guv’nor 4 CD box set.

This album highlights the incredible talent that pours out from Ashley and the ever changing members of the Albion Band.

From the early days on HTD, Simon Nicol and Chris Leslie are now full time members of Fairport Convention, Chris While and Julie Matthews have branched out on their own and often perform together as a duo, even Chris’s daughter Kellie has joined the band for the past two Albion albums.

The Albion Band had a major refit in 1997 when Chris While and Julie Matthews played their last performance with the band at the Cropredy festival. New fresh blood flowed into the band by way of Kellie While, Ken Nicol, Joe Broughton and Neil Marshall.

The collection of material featured here represents a superb history of the Albion Band throughout the HTD years 1993-2000. Not to be missed, we have also included a track from the album Captured, an earlier recording we released in 1994 which is now deleted. The track Up the Crooked Spire was more recently used as the theme tune to the television series Ridgeriders.