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The Albion Band: Christmas Album

The Albion Band: Christmas Album (HTD CD 105)

Christmas Album
The Albion Band

HTD Records HTD CD 105 (CD, UK, November 1999)

Recorded by Ken Nicol at Tone Deaf Studios, Preston, England in Autumn 1999;
Produced by the Albion Band;
String arrangement by Joe Broughton;
Mastered by Andy Seward;
Band photo by Ron Hill;
Cover design by Chris While;
Layout by Malcolm (Really Wicked)


Kellie While: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Joe Broughton: fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, keyboards;
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, electric bass guitar, spoken word;
Neil Marshall: drums, percussion, spoken word;
Ken Nicol: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, sequencing

with guests
Caroline Pearsall: violin [11];
Jo Hamilton: viola [11];
Joe Giddey: cello [11]


  1. Joseph’s Tidings (3.57)
  2. Let No Man Come into This Hall (0.35)
  3. Christmas Has Come Round Again (3.24)
  4. Mistletoe, Mistletoe (3.44)
  5. I Am Beguiled (0.34)
    (excerpt from medieval mystery play)
  6. As Joseph Was A-Walking (2.51)
  7. Two Wise Men (3.17)
  8. The Redbreast (2.04)
    (excerpt from The Seasons by James Thomson)
  9. Dad, Is There Really a Santa Claus? (3.21)
  10. Innocent’s Song (1.32)
  11. The Star (4.07)
  12. Fat Sam’s Band (3.39)
  13. Tune For a Blythesome Turkey (3.44)
  14. Make It This Christmas (4.42)
  15. Three Shepherds (6.22)
  16. Scrooge Blues (2.39)

Extra Millennium Songs

  1. Nothing Can Turn the Tide (4.39)
  2. Two Thousand Years Is a Very Long Time (4.42)

Tracks 1, 3, 9, 16 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol;
Tracks 2, 5 anon.
Track 4 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings, Kellie While;
Track 6 trad. arr. Joe Broughton;
Tracks 7, 15 Joe Broughton;
Track 10 Charles Causley
Tracks 11, 18 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings;
Track 12 Joe Broughton, Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol;
Track 13 Ken Nicol;
Track 14 Kellie While;
Track 17 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol, Chris While