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Welcome to Caffe Lena

Welcome to Caffe Lena (Biograph BLP-12046)

Welcome to Caffe Lena
Various Artists

Biograph Records BLP-12046 (LP, USA, 1972)

Recorded life at Caffe Lena (owner Lena Spencer), Phila St., Saratoga N.Y., by the Bottom Forty Recording Company
Engineered by Phil Spence;
Produced by Andy and Phil Spence;
Mastered by David Hancock;
Executive producer: Arnold S. Caplin


Side 1

  1. Michael Cooney: Lena, Won’t You Open Your Door (5.16)
  2. Bill Vanaver: Cluck Old Hen (Roud 4235) (2.43)
  3. Paul Geremia: Elegant Hobo (3.41)
  4. Bob and Evelyne Blers: Belles of Cheyenne / The Blackbird (4.41)
  5. Louis Killen: The Blacksmith (Roud 816) (2.49)
  6. High Level Ranters: The Clog Hornpipe / Harvest Home (4.05)

Side 2

  1. Rosalie Sorrels: Come On Friend (2.45)
  2. Patrick Sky: Giovani Montini, the Pope (3.04)
  3. Bottle Hill: Blue Birds Singing in the Blue Ridge Mountains (2.56)
  4. Hedy West: The Whore’s Lament (Roud 2; Laws Q26) (2.48)
  5. Bruce Phillips: Daddy, What’s a Train? (4.08)
  6. Lena Spencer: Sweet Little Cade in a Square (2.43)
  7. Frank Wakefield: Tarry Not (3.50)