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The Trugs: And Boldly Go to Sea

The Trugs: And Boldly Go to Sea (Traditional Sound TSR 005)

And Boldly Go to Sea
The Trugs

Traditional Sound Recordings TSR 005 (LP, UK, 1971)

Recorded and produced by Brian Horsfall;
Cover drawing by Debbie Brown


Eddie Upton, Colin Andrews, Dave Robertson, Maggie Robertson


Side 1

  1. Drink Old England Dry (Roud 882)
  2. Bold Reynard (Roud 190)
  3. John Riley (Roud 270; Laws M8; G/D 1:22; Henry H468)
  4. The Echoing Horn (Roud 24896, 24897)
  5. The Blacksmith (Roud 816)
  6. Peggy and the Soldier (Roud 907; Laws P13; G/D 6:1129)
  7. Thousands or More (Roud 1220)

Side 2

  1. Dorsetshire Militia (Roud 2634)
  2. Humphrey Hough (Roud 1985)
  3. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (Roud 165)
  4. A Hundred Years Ago (Roud 1980)
  5. Old Farmer (Roud 1178)
  6. Bold Benjamin (Roud 2632)
  7. Fare Thee Well (Roud 1035)

All tracks trad.


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