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The Hoodie Crows: On the Wing

The Hoodie Crows: On the Wing (Karus KM161196)

On the Wing
The Hoodie Crows

Karus Media KM161196 (CD, Germany, 2016)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jürgen Zimmer at No Limits Studio, Reiskichen, in between August 2015 and February 2016;
Illustrations by Danjal Waziri;
Design and layout by Rüdiger Reinhardt


Sebastian Barwinek: vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, bodhrán;
Johannes Single: vocals, guitar, banjo, bass

Michi Bohl: backing vocals;
Steffen Gabriel: flute;
Christina Hummel: vocals;
Jürgen Zimmer: grand piano, keyboards, percussion, bass


  1. Hot Asphalt (Roud 2134) / Cooley’s Reel (4.17)
  2. The Road to Nowhere (4.24)
  3. The Close Shave (3.32)
  4. Keg of Brandy (4.32)
  5. The Blacksmith (Roud 816) (4.00)
  6. Arthur McBride (Roud 2355; G/D 1:78) (5.29)
  7. The Venus of Killarney (3.54)
  8. The Humour and the Rage (5.57)
  9. The Tollgate Set: The Sleeping Tune / The Butterfly Jig (5.05)
  10. Home Away From Home / Fritz the Pheasant (4.03)
  11. empty track (0.32)
  12. Hot Asphalt (Roud 2134) / Cooley’s Reel (alternative version) (4.17)

Tracks 1ab, 5-6, 9b trad.;
Track 2, 10b Johannes Single;
Track 3 Bob Bickerton;
Track 4 Robbie O’Connell;
Track 7 words Johannes Single, Sebastian Barwinek, music Johannes Single;
Track 8, 10a Sebastian Barwinek;
Track 9a Gordon Duncan