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The Pick & the Malt Shovel

Roger Watson: The Pick & the Malt Shovel (Traditional Sound TSR 017)

The Pick & the Malt Shovel
Roger Watson

Traditional Sound Recordings TSR 017 (LP, UK, 1974)

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Sleeve design by Roger Watson with help from Frank Hicklin;
Sleeve Notes by Eric Winter


Roger Watson,
Muckram Wakes (John Adams, Suzie Adams, Helen Watson, Roger Watson),
The Garden Gnome Ceilidh Band,
Members of the Western Mere School Band,
Colin Cater


Side 1

  1. [MW] May Song
  2. [RW] The Pick and the Malt Shovel
  3. [RW] Thomas Hanley
  4. [RW] The Malt House
  5. [RW acc. MW] The Christmas Hare
  6. [HW acc. RW, JA] The Manager’s Daughter
  7. [RW acc. GGCB, MW] Gathering Corn

Side 2

  1. [RW acc. WMSB] Salvation Band
  2. [SA acc. MW] Sudbury Fair
  3. [RW acc. GGCB, MW] Jack Tattersall
  4. [RW acc. GGCB, MW] Sligo Bettison
  5. [CC] The Number Two Top Seam
  6. [RW acc. HW, JA] The Hole in Our Back Yard
  7. [RW acc. GGCB, MW] Turn Him Up

All tracks written by Roger Watson except
Track 1, 10 trad. / Roger Watson;
Track 7 Roger Watson / trad.;
Track 9 Roger Watson / Helen Watson;
Track 12 Roger Watson / Colin Carter

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Mixed Traffic

Roger Watson: Mixed Traffic (Greenwich Village GVR 210)

Mixed Traffic
Roger Watson

Greenwich Village Records GVR 210 (LP, UK, 1980)

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Roger Watson: vocals, melodeons, English concertina;


Side 1

  1. Bourrée
  2. Venezuela
  3. Where, Oh Where Do I Live?
  4. A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
  5. The Bold Princess Royal (Roud 528; Laws K29; G/D 1:47)
  6. Song for the Derbyshire Colliers
  7. Planxty Irwin

Side 2

  1. Stow Brow (Roud 185; Laws K18; G/D 1:20, TYG 7)
  2. Three Jovial Miners
  3. The Inniskillen Dragoon (Roud 2185; Henry H98b)
  4. Jeannette & Jeannot / The Lullaby of Broadway
  5. Nottingham Miners
  6. Shrimps on the Stove
  7. Brothers, Can You Spare a Dime?

Track 4 Eric Maschwitz, Manning Sherwin;

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Past and Present

Roger Watson: Past and Present (WildGoose WGS367CD)

Past and Present
Roger Watson

WildGoose Studios WGS367CD (CD, UK, 2009)

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Recorded and produced by Doug Bailey and Roger Watson at WildGoose Studios.


Roger Watson: vocals, two- and three-row melodeons, English concertina;
Jackie Oates: vocals, five-stringed viola;
Tim Walker: flugelhorn, vornet, vocals, side drum


  1. Gilliver (3.36)
  2. Linnen Hall / The Fantocini (3.34)
  3. Lovely Joan (Roud 592) (2.30)
  4. Idbury Hill / Broken Dagger (4.18)
  5. Peg of Derby (Roud 545; G/D 1:84) (5.17)
  6. The Gobby-O (2.29)
  7. Rip Van Winkle (4.28)
  8. Bengal Rounds / Old Sir Simon the King (Roud 19766) (3.10)
  9. Lowlands (Roud 681; Henry H469) (4.41)
  10. Hunt the Squirrel / The First of August (3.35)
  11. Two Brethren (Roud 202) (3.25)
  12. The Manager’s Daughter (3.52)
  13. Fred Pigeon’s Polka / Donkey Riding (3.49)
  14. Seafarers (4.06)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1 words Roger Watson, tune C. Cater;
Tracks 3, 5, 9, 11 trad. new lyrics Roger Watson;
Track 7 Bob Pegg;
Tracks 8a, 12 Roger Watson

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