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Staverton Bridge

Staverton Bridge: Staverton Bridge (Saydisc CD-SDL 1266)

Staverton Bridge
Staverton Bridge

Saydisc Records SDL 266 (LP, UK, 1975)
Saydisc Records CD-SDL 1266 (CD, UK, April 2007)

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Recorded at The Meeting House, Frenchay near Bristol 1975;
Recorded and produced by Gef Lucena (Saydisc) and David Wilkins (Valley Recordings);
Sleeve design by Plastic Dog Graphics


Sam Richards, vocals, whistle, field organ, percussion;
Tish Stubbs, vocals, field organ, percussion;
Paul Wilson, vocals, guitar, lute, banjo, percussion


  1. Tom Barbary (Roud 64; Child 100; G/D 5:999; Henry H221) (4.24)
  2. The Bold Construction Men (3.07)
  3. Eynsham Poaching Song (Roud 1268) (1.28)
  4. Request of the Poor (Roud V23308) (2.56)
  5. The Farmer in Leicester (Roud 2638; Laws L2) (2.01)
  6. My Lady's Coach (3.45)
  7. Captain Wedderburn's Courtship (Roud 36; Child 46; G/D 4:842; Henry H681) (2.51)
  8. Jacky My Son (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209; Henry H814) (3.35)
  9. My Master and I (3.17)
  10. The Travellers Came to Redbridge (2.17)
  11. Woman's Work Is Never Done (Roud 1717) (3.32)
  12. Wheal Rodney (Roud 3316) (2.12)
  13. We Don't Want to Live Like That (1.40)

All tracks trad. arr. Staverton Bridge except
Track 2 John Faulkner;
Track 3 words trad., music Sam Richards;
Track 4 words trad., music Paul Wilson;
Track 10 Dick Snell, Critics Group;
Track 13 Ewan MacColl

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Sam Richards & Tish Stubbs: The English Folksinger

Sam Richards & Tish Stubbs: The English Folksinger (Transatlantic MTRA 2011)

The English Folksinger
Sam Richards & Tish Stubbs

Transatlantic Records MTRA 2011 (LP, UK, 1979)

The English Folksinger
Sam Richards & Tish Stubbs

London: Collins, 1979
ISBN 0-00-411058-4

Sam Richards & Tish Stubbs: The English Folksinger (Collins)
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Recorded by Nigel Pegrum and the Plant Life Mbile;
Produced by John Briley


Sam Richards, Tish Stubbs, vocals, dulcimer, concertina, guitar, mouthorgan, whistles, harmonium, autoharp, percussion


Side 1Side 2
  1. We Poor Labouring Men (Roud 1394)
  2. An Old Man He Courted Me (Roud 210)
  3. The Game of Football (Roud 1881)
  4. See It Come Down
  5. Hopping Down in Kent (Roud 1715)
  6. The Dying Airman (Roud 3454)
  7. The Sheffield Grinders Song
  8. Punch and Judy
  1. Diddling: Diddling Song / 'Ware Out Mother (Roud 2551)
  2. Jackie's Building Site
  3. The Drunken Man (Roud 3460)
  4. Bold Archer (Roud 83; Child 188; G/D 2:244)
  5. Still He Slumbered
  6. Cottage for Sale (Roud 3463)
  7. Time to Be Moving On
  8. The Shepton Beauchamp Wassail Song (Roud 209)

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 4, 8 John Pole;
Track 10 Martin Scragg;
Tracks 13, 15 Sam Richards

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Threeway Street: Drunkards and Lovers

Threeway Street: Drunkards and Lovers (Fellside FE061)

Drunkards and Lovers
Threeway Street

Fellside Recordings FE048 (LP, UK, 1985)

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Recorded September 1985 by Paul Adams in Workington, Cumbria;
Mick Green's saxophones recorded at Daylight Studios, Honiton, Devon;
Produced by Paul Adams;
Photography by Sam Richards, Linda Lambourne, Tish Stubbs;
Cover concept by Sam Richards and Lewis Riley;
Layout and artwork by Mary Blood


Tish Stubbs, vocals, piano accordion, guitar, synthesiser, autoharp, maracas;
Sam Richards, vocals, systhesiser, electric and acoustic pianos, harmonium, Appalachian dulcimer, guitar;
Lewis Riley, tabla, electric bass, chorus vocals

Steve Verge, guitar, mandolin, chorus vocals;
Mick Green, soprano and tenor saxophones


Side 1Side 2
  1. Margo the Mighty Magician (5.22
  2. Carnival Song (4.08)
  3. Drunkards and Lovers (3.44)
  4. I Wish You'd Squeeze Me … (Like You Squeeze Your Squeezebox) (2.18)
  5. Midnight (3.45)
  6. All Comes Round Again (4.36)
  1. Money Come the Hard Way Easy Go (4.42)
  2. Derek's Hotel (5.04)
  3. When the Circus Comes to Town (3.58)
  4. Moving On Out Pierre (3.07)
  5. The Unknown Soldier (2.56)
  6. Fragments of a World (4.05)

All tracks written by Sam Richards except
Tracks 3, 6, 11 Sam Richards, Lewis Riley;
Track 2 tune Dutch carnival melody

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