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Emma Sweeney: Pangea

Emma Sweeney: Pangea (Sweeney SR001)

Emma Sweeney

Sweeney Records SR001 (CD, UK, 2012)

Produced and recorded by Mike McGoldrick at Warehouse Studio, Manchester;
Guitars on [3, 10] recorded by Tony O’Flaherty at Sonas Studios, Killarney;
Mixed and mastered by Andy Seward, Greystone Studios, Sheffield;
Outer layer photographs by Lindsay Wilson;
Inner layer photograph by Luke Grayson;
Album cover design by James Morrison


Emma Sweeney, fiddles, hang drum [5], low whistle [5], vocals [5];
Matheu Watson, guitar [1-2, 5-6, 8-9, 12];
Duncan Lyall, double bass [2-3, 5-6, 9-10, 12];
John Joe Kelly, bodhrán [1-2];
John Doyle, bouzouki [4];
Donald Shaw, keyboards [4, 6, 10], harmonium [12];
Manus Lunny, bouzouki [2, 8];
Matt Griffin, guitar [3, 10];
Johnny Hulme, five string banjo [5-6];
Dave Thom, slide guitar [2-3];
Mike McGoldrick, wooden flute, uilleann pipes, low whistle, mandolin, bodhrán, snare drum, clarinet, dobro [3-12];
Lucy Wright, jew’s harp [11];
Ian Fletcher, guitar [12]


  1. The Singing Kettle: Flooded Road to Glenties / The Singing Kettle / Marian’s Favourite (3.25)
  2. The Star of Munster: The Shaskeen / Anthony Frawley’s / The Star of Munster (4.12)
  3. The Golden Fiddle: Golden Fiddle Waltz (3.38)
  4. The Flying Statue: The Treasures Money Can’t Buy / The Flying Statue (3.56)
  5. The Mountain Top: Mucky Fingers / The Mountain Top / Clancy’s Fancy (3.11)
  6. Endless Thoughts: Endless Thoughts / The Last Straw (3.45)
  7. A Place to Be (4.24)
  8. The Rose in the Heather: Something in a Sunday / Elizabeth Cullen’s / The Rose in the Heather (3.58)
  9. The Wheels of the World: The Wheels of the World / Sullivan’s Key (3.00)
  10. The Reed That Bends With the Storm: Kit O’Manony’s / A Tailor I Am / The Reed That Bends With the Storm (4.35)
  11. Elk River Blues (1.56)
  12. Pangea: Pangea / The Artist (6.10)

Track 1a Jimmy McHugh;
Track 1b Sean Ryan;
Track 1c Tony Sullivan;
Track 2a Paddy McMahon;
Tracks 2bc, 5bc, 8c, 9ab, 10a trad.;
Track 3 Randy Howard;
Track 4a Mike McGoldrick;
Tracks 4b, 5a, 6ab, 8a, 12ab Emma Sweeney;
Track 7 Nick Drake;
Track 8b Billy McComiskey;
Track 10b Paddy Cronin;
Track 10c Emma Sweeney, Mike McGoldrick;
Track 11 Ernie Carpenter;