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Eilidh Shaw: Heepirumbo

Eilidh Shaw: Heepirumbo (Greentrax CDTRAX131)

Eilidh Shaw

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX131 (CD, UK, January 1997)

Produced by Ian Carr;
Recorded by Geoff Allan at Cava Sound Studios;
Original photograph by Ian Murray;
Digital design mayhem courtesy John Haxby, Art Surgery


Eilidh Shaw: fiddle;
Ian Carr: guitar [1, 4-5, 8-9], piano [9];
Ronnie Rae: double bass [1, 3-5, 8-9];
Donald Hay: drums [1, 4, 8-9];
Tony McManus: guitar [2];
Brian Kellock: piano [3, 5, 10];
Paddy Shaw: accordion [3, 7];
Garry Finlayson: vocals [3], banjo [4];
Simon Bradley: fiddle [5-7];
Russell Hunter: fiddle [7];
Libby Shaw: piano [7];
Freddie Nicholson: drums [7];
Geoff Allan, piano [9]


  1. My Dad Paddy: My Dad Paddy / The Handsome Young Maids / Joe Foster’s Jig (5.04)
  2. Just for Gordon: Maggie Cameron / Just for Gordon / Ludociv Morrison’s Favorite (5.04)
  3. The 70th Year (4.20)
  4. Simon’s Waltz: The Tron Playboy / The Sunset (7.07)
  5. Bowjob: The Fiddle Cushion / unknown / Xuan de Mieres / An Dochaid Chliutach (4.46)
  6. The Highfield Jigs: Margaret Chisholm’s Jig / Davie’s Brae / Hoddam Castle (3.36)
  7. Scottie Dance Band Heaven: The Duke of Roxburgh’s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest / Glen of Lismore / Perth Hunt / Tail Toddle / The Reel / Countess of Elgin / Sleep Sound i da Morning Glen Ogle (4.01)
  8. Liz Carroll’s: For Eugine / Kathryn Nicoll’s (5.04)
  9. Inveran: Inveran / Fiona Ferguson (8.11)
  10. Finisher: The Heights of Cassino / Ishbel T. McDonald (4.03)

Tracks 1a, 2b Eilidh Shaw;
Track 1b Charlie Lennon;
Track 1c Lindsay Ross;
Tracks 2a, 5cd, 7dfgh trad. arr. The Eilidh Band;
Track 2c William Morrison;
Track 3 Charlie McKerron;
Track 4a Simon Thoumire;
Track 4b Cathal McConnell;
Track 5a Simon Bradley;
Track 5b Finbar O’Dwyer, or possibly Paddy Fahey;
Track 6a D.S. MacEachern;
Track 6b Jim Johnstone;
Track 6c Charles Kirkpatick Sharpe;
Track 7a Angus MacKay;
Track 7b Frank May;
Track 7c Magdalina Stirling;
Track 7e Colin Bannatyne;
Track 8a Liz Carroll;
Track 8b Ian M. MacLeod;
Track 9a George S. McLennan;
Track 9b Donald MacLeod;
Track 10a P.M: Donald MacRae, pub. dom. arr. The Eilidh Band;
Track 10b P.M. John MacDonald

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Eilidh Shaw & Ross Martin: Birl-esque

Eilidh Shaw & Ross Martin: Birl-esque (Rhubana RRCD001)

Eilidh Shaw & Ross Martin

Rhubana Records RRCD001 (CD, UK, 27 November 2017)

Eilidh Shaw & Ross Martin at Bürgerhaus Bornheide in Hamburg, Germany, on 20 April 2023; photo Reinhard Zierke
Eilidh Shaw & Ross Martin at a concert at Bürgerhaus Bornheide in Hamburg, Germany, on 20 April 2023; photo Reinhard Zierke

Produced by Ian Carr;
Recorded by Hector MacInnes at Studio Ostaig;
Mastered by Gordon Gunn at Caithness Mixing Room;
Artwork by Somhairle MacDonald


Eilidh Shaw: fiddle, vocals;
Ross Martin: guitar

The Bracadale Rhythm Gentlemen: bass and drums


  1. The Westcoaster (4.54)
  2. 6/8 Marches: MacLeod of Mull / John D. Burgess (3.35)
  3. Damo’s Reels: Damo’s Flaps #2 / Tara’s Return (3.24)
  4. The Lines of Time (3.02)
  5. The Sound of Sleat / Millburn (3.52)
  6. Mo Mhathair (4.51)
  7. Highland Hornpipes: Paddy’s Rickle Bridge / The Mariners (3.17)
  8. Elvis Waltzes: Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Can’t Help Falling in Love (3.35)
  9. Pipe Reels: Is Teanadh ri Òran / Dolina Mckay / Major Campbell Graham MBE (4.33)
  10. Dancing in the Dark (5.44)

Tracks 1, 7b Aonghas Grant;
Track 2a Donald MacLeod;
Track 2b George Cockburn;
Tracks 3ab Damian Helliwell;
Track 4 Eilidh Shaw;
Track 5a P.M. Donald MacKinnon;
Track 5b John Martin;
Track 6 Neil MacLean;
Track 7a Ian Holmes;
Track 8a Roy Turk, Lou Handman;
Track 8b Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss;
Track 9a trad. arr. Eilidh Shaw, Ross Martin;
Track 9b John Scott;
Track 9c P.M. Angus MacDonald;
Track 10 Bruce Springsteen

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