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Brian McNeill: Monksgate

Brian McNeill: Monksgate (Greentrax CDTRAX062)

Traditional Music from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Northumbria
Brian McNeill

Free Reed Records FRR 027 (LP, UK, not issued);
Escalibur BUR801 (LP, France, 1978);
Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX062 (CD, UK, 1992)

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This recording was originally made for Free Reed but due to the label's folding the album was released on a French LP and later on Greentrax.

Recorded by Calum Malcom at Castlesound & Graighall Studios, Edinburgh, 1977;
Produced by Brian McNeill;
Executive producer: Neil Wayne;
Cover painting by Dorothea Patterson


Brian McNeill, cittern, mandolin, concertina, fiddle, viola;
Angus McGregor, Northumbrian pipes;
Neil Evans, guitar;
Nan Trench, flute;
John Gahagan, whistle;
Alan Reid, pedal organ;
Pat Knowles, electric piano;
Jamie Knowles, pedal organ;
Jamie McMenemy, guitarra portuguesa;
Sandy Stanage, guitar;
Dave Munro, uilleann pipes


  1. Queen of Sluts / Willie Is a Bonny Lad (3.37)
  2. The Flowers of the Thorn (3.48)
  3. The Oyster Girl / The Centenary / Shane's Fancy (3.24)
  4. Master Crowley's Reel / Bobby Casey's Reel (3.18)
  5. The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside / Belladrum House / The Witch of the Wave (3.27)
  6. Rowley Burn / Roxburgh Castle (3.30)
  7. The Bag of Potatoes / The Little Pig Lamenting the Empty Trough / Brian O'Laimhin (3.06)
  8. Monksgate (3.32)
  9. The Hag at the Spinning Wheel (2.22)
  10. The Eclipse / The Mathematician (2.47)
  11. Modest Miss France / The Marchioness of Huntly / Miss Shepherd / Pretty Peg (3.40)

All tracks trad. except
Track 4b Robert Casey;
Tracks 5a, 11b, 12c James Scott Skinner;
Track 6a J. Forster Charlton;
Track 7 Turleigh O'Carolan;
Track 12a Brian McNeill;
Track 12b William Marshall

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Brian McNeill: Unstrung Hero

Brian McNeill: Unstrung Hero (Temple TP017)

Unstrung Hero
New Tunes and Songs in an Old Tradition
Brian McNeill

Temple Records TP017 (LP, UK, 1985)
Temple Records COMD2017 (CD, UK, 1995)

Brian McNeill: Unstrung Hero (Temple COMD2017)
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Produced and recorded by Robin Morton at Temple Records Studio, Scotland;
Front photograph by Colin Bell;
Back photograph by Robin Gillanders;
Sleeve design and graphics by Jim Hutcheson


Brian McNeill, fiddle [1-4, 6, 8, 10-13], bouzouki [1, 6, 9, 13], mandolin [1, 3, 6], acoustic bass [1, 4], electric bass [1, 3, 7], drums [1, 13], guitar [2-8, 11-13], viola [2, 13], mandocello [3], vocals [4, 8, 11], concertina [6, 9, 13], tenor banjo [6], xylophone [7], hurdy-gurdy [8], synthesiser [10], cittern [11]


Side 1Side 2
  1. Lift Your Glass to the Landlady / Peter Calver's Favourite / The Steeple Reel (3.18)
  2. The Butterfly Chain (2.03)
  3. Angela Morrison's Pavane / The White Dress / The Foggy Banks of Haines (4.25)
  4. The Boys That Broke the Ground / Ortiguera (3.43)
  5. The Tall Ships in Their Prime (2.10)
  6. The Ivory Reel / Miss Susan Fedderson / The Quill (3.57)
  1. Belle-Ile / Crookhill (3.50)
  2. The Laverock Sang (3.00)
  3. The Heron (2.28)
  4. Molly's Roses / Hamish Henderson's Refusal (3.28)
  5. Blue Jay and a Cardinal (3.15)
  6. Bothkennar (2.00)
  7. Down the Road to Galloway / Catherine Jane's Polka (3.10)

All tracks written by Brian McNeill

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Brian McNeill: The Baltic tae Byzantium

Brian McNeill: The Baltic tae Byzantium (Greentrax CDTRAX341)

The Baltic tae Byzantium
Tales of the Scots in Europe
Brian McNeill

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX341 (CD, UK, August 2009)

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Produced by Brian McNeill;
Recorded by Kim Planert and Brian McNeill at High Hold Productions and on location in Glasgow, Fife, Denmark and Germany in 2003-9;
Mixed at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, by Peter haigh and Brian McNeill in April-June 2009;
Front cover illustration: John McNeill, Brian's paternal grandfather, as a young soldier;
Design by Brian McNeill


Brian McNeill, vocals, fiddle, octave fiddle, mandocello, bouzouki, mandola, mandolin, guitars, concertina, hurdy-gurdy, hand percussion;
Sylvia Barnes, vocals;
Dominique Dodge, harp;
Celini Donoghue, tenor banjo;
Dick Gaughan, guitar, vocals;
George Haig, autoharp;
Lorne MacDougall, Highland pipes, whistles;
Lynsey Payne, soprano saxophone;
Patsy Seddon, vocals;
Fraser Speirs, harmonica;
Mike Travis, drums, percussion


  1. The Baltic tae Byzantium (5.50)
  2. Scotus (2.40)
  3. A Far North Land (5.31)
  4. Bothwell (4.29)
  5. The Holland Trade (5.38)
  6. Auld Man By the Fire (3.31)
  7. The Gothenburg Reel / John's Awa tae France / Danzig Willie's Reel (4.04)
  8. How the Foreign Winds Do Blaw / Madam Dae Ye Ken the Dance? (4.42)
  9. Back tae Berwick Johnnie (3.44)
  10. Bring the Lassie Hame (8.13)
  11. True to the Forest (3.23)

All tracks written by Brian McNeill except
Track 8a words Brian McNeill, chorus tune Brian McNeill, verse tune trad. Scottish (Bonny Lassie Lie Near Ye) arr. Brian McNeill;
Track 8b Dominique Dodge