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Various Artists: The Clear Stream

Various Artists: The Clear Stream (Greentrax CDTRAX268)

The Clear Stream
Guitar Music From Scotland and Beyond
Various Artists

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX268 (CD, UK, November 2004)

Produced by High Hold Productions;
Tracks by Tony Cuffe, Jack Evans and Rob MacKillop recorded by Peter Haigh at Pier House Studios. Edinburgh;
Tony McManus, Alain Genty and Soïg Sibéril tracks recorded by Steue Cooney in Ireland;
Dick Gaughan tracks recorded and mixed by Ian McCalman at Kevock Studios, Lasswade;
Innes Watson tracks recorded at Kim Planert Studios, Glasgow;
Brian McNeill recorded by High Hold Productions, additional recording at R.S.A.M.D., Glasgow;
Except where stated, all tracks mixed or remixed by Peter Haigh at Pier House Studios;
Mastered by Peter Haigh;
Front cover and inlay cover idea by Brian McNeill;
Layout by John Slavin at Designfolk


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  1. Tony Cuffe: Kate Dalrymple (2.40)
  2. Dick Gaughan: Accrington McBrides / The Wexford Assembly (hornpipes) (3.28)
  3. Jack Evans: Roslin Castle (3.24)
  4. Brian McNeill: My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose / The Lowlander / The Golden Ox / Scare o Tatties (4.12)
  5. Rob Mackillop: Lady Lothian’s Lilt / Rhona’s Tune / The Canaries (5.31)
  6. Tony McManus, Alain Genty, Soïg Sibéril: Zagreb (3.47)
  7. Tony Cuffe: My Home Town (4.15)
  8. Innes Watson: Leaving Stoer (2.19)
  9. Dick Gaughan: She of Many Names (4.49)
  10. Rob Mackillop: Old Long Syne (3.01)
  11. Tony McManus, Alain Genty, Soïg Sibéril: Vigo (6.14)
  12. Innes Watson: Da Day Dawns / Ballater Rant / Toss the Feathers (2.04)
  13. Jack Evans: Gille Callum / The Eight O’Clock Train (4.09)
  14. Brian McNeill: Sleep Dearie Sleep / The March of the Spanish Volunteers / When She Came Ben She Bobbit (5.03)
  15. Tony Cuffe: The Battle of Waterloo (3.54)
  16. Tony McManus, Alain Genty, Soïg Sibéril: Enfin / Sweet Rain / Plevin Jig (5.37)
  17. Tony Cuffe: The Voddy Girders (1.43)

Tracks 1, 7, 15 trad. arr. Tony Cuffe;
Tracks 2ab, 9 Dick Gaughan, from his orchestral suite Timewaves, performed first at Celtic Connections in 2004;
Tracks 3, 13ab trad. arr. Jack Evans;
Tracks 4ad, 14a trad. arr. Brian McNeill;
Tracks 4bc, 14b Brian McNeill;
Tracks 5abc, 10 trad. arr. Rob Mackillop;
Tracks 6, 11, 16bc Soïg Sibéril;
Tracks 8, 12abc trad. arr. Innes Watson;
Track 14c trad. arr. Brian McNeill, Dominique Dodge;
Track 16a Alain Genty;
Track 17 Tony Cuffe