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The Border Minstrel

Billy Pigg: The Border Minstrel (Leader LEA 4006)

The Border Minstrel
Billy Pigg (1902-1968)

Leader Records LEA 4006 (LP, mono, UK, 1971)

Recorded by Forster Charlton during informal sessions and public performances in the 1950s;
Tracks 2, 9 recorded at an Alnwick gathering;
Track 6 recorded at City Hall, Newcastle;
Compiled by Bill Leader;
Cover picture by Bill Leader;
Album design by Janet Kerr


Billy Pigg: Northumbrian small pipes;
Forster Charlton: fiddle [2];
John Doonan: piccolo [2]


Side 1

  1. The High Level Hornpipe /
    Biddleston Hornpipe /
    Carrick Hornpipe /
    I’ll Get Wedded in My Auld Claes
  2. Gentle Maiden /
    The Lark in the Clear Air /
    Father O’Flynn
  3. Skye Crofters /
    Dr McLeod of Alnwick /
    The Swallow’s Tail Reel /
    Mallorca (H.R.H. Duke of Windsor)
  4. Madame Bonaparte /
    The Last of the Twins
  5. King of the Pipers

Side 2

  1. Crookit Bawbee /
    Bill Charltons Fancy
  2. The Exhibition Hornpipe /
    Billy Pigg’s Hornpipe /
    The Random Jig
  3. The Wild Hills o’ Wannie /
    J.R. Pigg /
  4. Happy Hours
  5. Variations on There’s Nae Guid Luck About the House /
    Holey Ha’penny

All tracks trad.except
Tracks 1bc, 3b, 6b, 7b, 8b Billy Pigg;
Tracks 1a, 7ac James Hill;
Track 8c James Scott Skinner;
Track 9 Emile Vacher

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