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Bob and Ron Copper: Traditional Songs From Rottingdean (EFDSS LP 1002) Bob and Ron Copper: English Shepherd and Farming Songs (Folk-Legacy FSB-19) Bob and Ron Copper, Traditional Songs From Rottingdean (1963/4)

The Copper Family: A Song for Every Season (Leader LEAB 404) A Song for Every Season (4 LP, 1971)

The Copper Family: A Song for Every Season (Leader LED 2067) A Song for Every Season (LP, 1971)

Bob Copper: Sweet Rose in June (Topic 12TS328) Bob Copper, Sweet Rose in June (1977)

The Copper Family: Coppersongs (EDFSS VWML 004) Coppersongs (1988)

The Copper Family: Coppersongs 2 (Coppersongs CD2) Coppersongs 2 (1995)

The Copper Family: Coppersongs 3 (Coppersongs CD3) Coppersongs 3 (1998)

The Copper Family: Come Write Me Down (Topic TSCD534) Come Write Me Down (2001)

The Copper Family: Coppers at Christmas (Coppersongs) Coppers at Christmas (2007)

Young Coppers: Passing Out (Coppersongs CD4) Young Coppers, Passing Out (2008)

Bob Copper: Prostrate With Dismal (Ghosts From the Basement GFTB 7048) Bob Copper, Prostrate With Dismal (EP, 2014)

The Two Bobs’ Worth (Musical Traditions MTCD374) Bob Lewis & Bob Copper, The Two Bobs’ Worth (2017)