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Coppers at Christmas

The Copper Family: Coppers at Christmas (Coppersongs)

Coppers at Christmas
The Carol Collection of the Copper Family of Rottingdean Sussex
The Copper Family

Coppersongs, no record number (CD, UK, 2007)

Recorded by Piers Bishop;
Notes by Vic Gammon


John and Jill Copper, Jon Dudley;
The Young Coppers: Mark, Andy and Sean Barratt and Ben, Lucy and Tom Copper;
Bob and Ron Copper [10]


  1. Extract from The Life of James Copper, 1951 broadcast (1.04)
    Jim talking about Christmas fare when he was young
  2. Christians Awake, Arise Rejoice and Sing (Roud 1503) (3.01)
  3. Christmas Song (The Trees Are All Bare) (Roud 1170) (2.47)
  4. Ring Out O Bells (Roud 17702) (3.33)
  5. Rolling Downwards (The Angel’s Song) (Roud S339315) (2.29)
  6. Softly the Night (Roud 1222) (2.46)
  7. The Angels Sang (Roud S339316) (2.29)
  8. Wake the Sweet Anthem (Roud S339342) (2.20)
  9. While Shepherds Watched (Roud 936) (5.19)
  10. Christmas Presents (The Twelve Days of Christmas) (Roud 68; G/D 3:637) (2.25)
    recorded by Bob and Ron in the 1950s
  11. Shepherds Arise (Roud 1207) (4.04)